Candid Conversations – Women Empowerment

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Hello Peaches, Happy New Month. January’s ‘drought’ had clearly drained me. I couldn’t afford to think. My new blog post is on the candid conversations event that I attended this Tuesday. It was an enlightening moment for me. I am grateful to my dear friend Ibtisam (Hijabeefied) for informing me about the candid conversations event which we attended together with Farhana Oberson (let’s empower each other, shall we?). Candid conversations is a woman exclusive event birthed by Patokelo with an aim to help women in Kenya build their businesses/ brands offering entrepreneurial ideas through raw, motivational, and inspirational conversations. A panel of phenomenal women being their authentic self, publicly sharing their personal stories inspiring and motivating women to get out of their comfort zones by harnessing the collective energy of women uplifting fellow women to achieve their goals and build their businesses/brands. The candid conversations was with social media experts: This is Ess, Sowairina, Connie Alluoch, Muthoni Njoba, The official Sonal Maherali, Craving Yellow, and many others. I felt honored to be in the same room with all these fierce women.

The event was scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Capital Club in Westlands. Upon arrival, we were directed to sign in the guest list form with our contact details and then ushered in for refreshments and for us to get an opportunity to network before the event commenced.

A few minutes later, we were called in for the candid conversations.

Renee Ngamau (Speaker, Capital FM Presenter, Life and Business Strategist) was the MC for the event. She warmly welcomed us with a short therapy session to keep us alert, guiding us through the marvelous event.

Patricia Okelo showcased her book – A candid handbook for women doing business. Her goal is not only to promote and enhance gender equality, but also career and business advancements among women in business in Kenya. The struggle usually comes where women run businesses or work yet socially recognized as nurturers of the home.

“Although we’re advancing in the workplace and in business, our role as nurturers doesn’t change.” Patricia Okelo.

Fundamentally, the book encourages women in businesses to be part of the economic growth of the country like men do, without neglecting their household roles; women are the integral part of the society. Moreover, addressing issues and challenges that women in business face. Giving us tips and entrepreneurial ideas on how to strategize our businesses/brands and monetizing our social media presence. It’s a brilliant initiative for women to pursue their palpable passion with full dedication.

“I always believe that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” Gloria Vanderbilt.

Sonal Maherali (luxury blogger) talked about her passion for luxury. Her main aspiration is to remove the Asian cultural stigma that puts women down instead of uplifting the girl child. She runs a luxury page on Instagram and YouTube and confesses her addiction to shoes (Shoe Queen). Listening to her bold fierce talks gives you confidence to go out there and pursue your dreams without anyone’s validation.

Sharon Mundia (This_is_Ess) is a Kenyan Lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber who’s come a long way to motivate and inspire young girls to join the blogging and influencer world which is currently growing in Kenya. I was in her candid conversations circle, therefore, I learnt a lot from her with regard to the lifestyle blogging tips. According to Sharon, it takes a lot of courage, hard work, dedication and passion to thrive in the blogging world as some of the challenges faced are harsh judgments, invasion of personal space, the anxiety of keeping up with brands, and losing yourself in the process. She advises young women out there to stand for what they believe in and reject any sort of business offers that do not align with their principles. It shouldn’t be about the money, but the brand’s ethics. We have to create a niche we are comfortable with, without feeling the need to conform ourselves to people’s expectations as every group has its audience. Most importantly, do not post content for the sake of being consistent but post only when you are most inspired. Truthfully, you can’t please everyone and that’s okay.

Furthermore, newer social media tools like paid sponsorships, promotional ads, live, and polls, give online brands a much easier platform for recognition and engagement with their followers online thus every brand should utilize them and maximize on their usage. Additionally, she encouraged us to learn to use the trendiest social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where majority of millennials gravitate toward because chances of getting recognition are higher than in an abandoned one with less users.

Muthoni Njoba is a Professional Make-Up Artist and YouTuber; The first Kenyan Make-Up Artist to be assigned as the lead Brand Ambassador of an International cosmetic brand Maybelline New York Kenya. I learnt from her inspirational conversation that you have to be ambitious and push forward till you achieve your goals. The road to success is not easy but giving up should not be an option; we have to grab the world by the lapels if we badly need success. She advises young women to start small businesses with little resources like how she started off as a self taught freelance makeup artist and slowly but gradually you’ll get there. More also, she advises young women to practice self love. Never victimize yourself in any situation or give into your insecurities. We need to build confidence in ourselves.

Connie Alluoch is an award winning fashion stylist in Kenya. Through her candid talk, she taught us that we have to find the right tactics for our businesses. That we should be aware of our business progress (stats, followers, sales, e.t.c.) and find ways to grow in a way that’ll attract and satisfy your target audience / followers / clients by developing approaches that are more responsive to their needs. Therefore, learn your audience, change your road-map in your business approach if your current one isn’t working, find solutions, and hone in the solutions over time.

Grace Sowairina is a fashionable media personality and Vivo Activewear Ambassador supporting single mothers like herself. Her inspirational conversation taught us the essence of being in touch with our spiritual self. She talked passionately about her love for vivo activewear which is a go-to store for chic, quality and affordable clothes & accessories. It’s majorly popular for offering tailor-fit stylish clothes that complement the modern African women of all sizes, courtesy of Wandia Gichuru; Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vivo Activewear.

Tabitha (Craving Yellow) – Natural hair Blogger and YouTuber – also took us through her natural hair journey promoting self love & care, persistence and patience.

The phenomenal women in the room showed a great deal of compassion to the rest of us who were new to the event hence nobody had the fear of being bludgeoned through their personal confidential candid talks inspiring women to thrive, and unleash the wonder woman in us.

We left with our goody bags filled with  amazing dried Mango fruit I couldn’t stop munching from Azuri, delicious chilli from Rizichiskitchen , and green tea from Stir Me Tea which i’m still yet to try.

In a nutshell, the candid conversations circle is a repository of women empowerment which offer young girls and women in business entrepreneurial insights and female role models to look up to; courtesy of Patricia Okelo. I left feeling more inspired and motivated than I have ever been. Also, because I met and engaged with my all time favorite blogger Sharon Mundia a.k.a This_is_Ess in the candid conversations circle. I feel like I can stop blogging now, ‘I made it’! Haha I kid. ♥️

Scarf: Fashion.buffet

Lippie: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Top: M&S

Pants: Primark

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Photo CreditsKimachianator

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Malindi Coconut Festival 2019

Hey Peaches. Welcome back to my blog.

August is a festive season filled with grooves. Malindi has prepared for us a hit of an event this August called Coconut Festival 🥥 Coco Fest 2019 scheduled to happen on 23rd at Alaskan Ground in Malindi. It is a Trade Fair Exhibition with the aim of promoting Malindi’s tourism through entertainment; celebrating culture, art and talent. Coconut Festival 🥥 symbolizes Coastal coconut and palm trees that strikingly accessorizes our Kenyan Coast.


Thinking of Jazz, good music, and some laughter? Coconut Festival 🥥 Coco Fest 2019 in Malindi got you. Famous East African Artists are coming together to  perform at Alaskan Grounds in Malindi, to celebrate Coconut Festival.

One of the most hilarious stand up comedians in Kenya, Eric Omondi will be coming from Nairobi to Malindi to crease us up.


Eric Omondi’s spontaneity in how he hams it up makes him stand out. He can go all out, from cross-dressing to making parody videos imitating celebrities, politicians, e.t.c while  keeping up with current affairs to tickle your fancy.

Mr. Bado


Hailing from the coastal town of Watamu in Kilifi County, Mr. Bado is a Local Music Artist famously known for his Mijikenda Music to add into the culture flavor of Coconut Festival.

Willy Paul


Adding to our Local Artists talents are Willy Paul, Angie FreshKlein Heart, Wadosi Band and Jas lu.



Our Guest Star Artist Nandy a.k.a East African Princess will be coming all the way from Tanzania to perform in Malindi at the Coco Festival! Nandy is a Tanzanian Music Artist & Songwriter. She sings beautifully and has won the the All Africa Music Awards in the best female artist in East Africa category in 2017. You don’t want to miss out on this! 🥥 🎉

East African Artists Eric Omondi, Nandy, Willy Paul, Mr. Bado and other Local Artists’ Coconut Festival live performance on stage this August 2019 on 23rd at Alaskan Ground in Malindi is not one to miss! Just like how Churchill Live Show Malindi was a blast, this will be epic too.  Get your early Bird tickets  🎫 Regular Kshs. 500/-, V.I.P. Kshs. 1,000/– and V.V.I.P Kshs. 3,500/-

Get Your #Cocofest2019 Tickets at Dental Art Centre Malindi; Former Nakumatt & Now Oasis Mall Or Via Paybill No: 618899 Account Name: COCOFEST

I will see you there!! Incase you’re having a hard time to pick a place to stay, Book with Kibali Villas Resort Malindi.



Thank me later.

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Get To Know About Watamu’s Recycling Heroes – Ecoworld Watamu By Watamu Marine Association

Peaches, can you imagine a world without white pristine beaches, beautiful aquatic life; sea turtles, cetaceans (dolphins and whales), colorful corals, vibrant coral reefs and crystal clear blue seas? Darkened by hideous plastic flotsam and jetsam that blanket the ocean’s beauty. Dead mangrove forests, hotels, cottages, and poisonous sea food.

Did you know that approximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash enters the ocean per year? plastic being the lead.


The thought of it all is menacing. Because sadly, marine animals like sea turtles confuse plastic waste for jelly fish, other marine life and cetaceans consume plastic mistaking it for food. Seafood would then be poison for our consumption. Karma right there!

EB09A6F0-F939-49D9-BB68-76A1C5451102I mean, what would I do without seafood? The nightmare! Let’s save our oceans. Simply by going green, sustainableliving, choosing biodegradable products over single-use plastics and recycling our plastics. How hard can that be? Worth a challenge starting now.

Ecoworld Watamu is one of the heroes by Watamu Marine Association who took up the initiative to preserve our oceans’ natural beauty by setting up a Community Solid Waste Management Project tackling plastic pollution through beach-cleanups and plastic recycling projects in partnership with the Marine Park Hotels in Watamu, Local Community and Artists with the support of IUCN Netherlands and African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya Ltd. and OceanSole Nairobi.


Ecoworld Watamu is a recycling center in Watamu showcasing different recycling and up-cycling innovations designs. Located in the heart of Dabaso Village and next to Mida Creek in Watamu, Kenya. All of which are worth a tour.

How to get there

From Watamu – Timboni Centre off Watamu Road, I got a TukTuk which charged me about kshs. 300/-. It was raining cats and dogs. But that didn’t stop my adamant self from going. Alternatively, you can email WatamuMarineAssociation, EcoworldWatamu, WatamuSeafaris, or use google map if you have a car.

Thanks to Steve Trott – Project Development Manager Watamu Marine Association – I got to meet Myra Alego – Artist and Educator at Ecoworld Watamu.


Myra Alego – picture by Ecoworld Watamu

She enthusiastically showed me around explaining to me about the recycling projects and the positive impacts it has to the local community.  Inspiring most Artists and Artisans in Watamu and other regions to make art and craft from flipflops, plastic wastes and other non-biodegradable flotsam that can be recycled and sold to tourists as souvenirs, which generate income for local community artists.

The gate leading to the Ecoworld recycling art exhibition is made with flipflops.

The opposite gate that leads to the waste sorting landfill is made with metal filled with vertically arranged plastic bottles and jerrycans. That’s where we started our tour.


Waste is collected by the Blue Team; disadvantaged women and youth groups members.

Recycling machinery was purchased for crushing plastic waste and the Blue Team waste collectors and recyclers were formed, made up from impoverished members of local youth and women’s groups. The 25 Blue Team members carry out weekly beach cleanups and work to keep the village roadsides free of rubbish. They are mostly sponsored by local hotels and businesses which sustains their operations. – Watamu Marine Association


Waste is sorted into Wine bottles, plastic bottles, buckets and other beach trash.

Bottlenose Dolphin

From the landfill, we then proceeded to the the recycling Art exhibition. Attracting my view, was a stunning dolphin glass art wall design made from wine glasses ‘Bottlenose Dolphin’ by Andrew MacNaughton Beach Artist and Sculptor up-cycled from over 1,000 glass bottles at the Watamu Recycling Centre. It was eye candy! 


Wine bottles are up-cycled as windows, wall bricks and floor art bricks in construction and garden borders.




What I found more interesting was the cement and plastic bottles bricks walls; Filling plastic bottles with soil to make them strong, then made into the size of a brick ready to fill the cement puzzles. Beautiful!



Plastic Bottle Wall Art Construction on the inside


The end result is colorful, popping the building with a vibrant ambiance. It also serves as an inexpensive DIY construction technique for locals. According to Myra,  this construction technique has proven to be weather resistant, strong and long-lasting. For example, during a fire outbreak, plastic would melt and the soil      acts as a fire extinguisher. Such genius and creative innovation is what we truly need; Sustainable solutions to the local problem of marine litter and plastic waste in order to achieve a circular economy by Ecoworld Watamu.

More eye-candy mesmerized me with exquisite art walls and frames, and sculptors made from recycled and up-cycled beach trash.

Art and Sculptors Made From Flipflops a.k.a Curios.


Art made from Toothbrushes.


Art made from plastic bottle tops


Up-cycled Wine bottle Art Decor 


Art made from Plastic body and hair shampoo bottles, lighters and other beach flotsam.


Recycled Aluminium Art


As we were heading towards the recycling machine room, I met two artists polishing flipflops. They presented to me a pie-chart art which showcased the percentage of each trash sample that is found in the ocean.

Recycling machinery for crushing plastic waste

Then, Myra ushered me into the recycling room where magic happens. Admittedly, it was my first time seeing a plastic crushing machine.


Firstly, Plastic waste is machine-crushed.


Plastic waste is then sorted, re-purposed and sold to recycling companies. That is how  their income is generated.


So many beautiful colors produced ready for recycling!!

Travel Tips: When you visit the magical Watamu, pass by Ecoworld Watamu or Watamu Marine Association to have a view of this wonderful recycling center  for inspiration and recycling ideas in conserving the environment through beautiful art made from trash. Let’s get recycling!

“In 2019 we aim to recycle 100,000kg (100 metric tons) of plastic and glass waste which will significantly reduce the waste stream flowing to landfill sites and remove marine litter from our beaches.” Ecoworld Watamu.

I would like to thank the Ecoworld Watamu team, Steven Trott and Myra Alego for making this tour successful.

Follow Trashion Kenya on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for recycling and up-cycling inspos.

Reuse | Reduce | Recycle

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Malindi Tourist Market Tour

4F52198F-9348-42F2-B975-D969104799E7Malindi Tourist Market is an Afro-Craft outdoor market located along Osteria Restaurant Road In Malindi. I toured the Tourist market a day ago, during my Instagram take over on Bloggersineastafrica Instagram account whereby I showcased bits and parts of Malindi Town to a totally new audience. It was an interesting experience. I appreciate the Admin of Bloggersineastafrica Instagram account for giving me the lovely chance.


Malindi Tourist Market has got everything you’d probably need without any hustle. Furthermore, this is where you get to see the authentic village of Malindi, which is rich in creativity and art. It’s a small tourist market with quite a number of stalls and each vendor has similar items; A massive collection of stunning wall paintings, Art canvases, African curios, animal wood carvings, African printed clothes, shoes, accessories, ornaments and house decor, of which they make from scratch. You can also get beads of all sorts.



The prices vary. You can get souvenirs from as low as kshs. 100 (accessories). Maasai beaded sandals for around kshs. 600-1,200/- and beach clothes around the same prices.

Nevertheless, the most expensive ones are the wall paintings / Art canvass and diy house decors made by the Artisans, depending on their sizes. Small art pieces can range from. Kshs. 4,000/- – 15,000/- 


It was interesting to watch Artists and Artisans at Malindi Tourist Market make their art and craft from scratch.


Coincedentally, I spotted an art painting of a familiar face. Is this the part I’m supposed to say, ‘small  world?’


Outrageously gorgeous art pieces which blew me away! So much talent! 

FD30B4E2-EE24-46D9-A974-F9211E882A760D354312-5170-4F23-8FF5-31117F5038D8F89994E3-B29B-4FF1-A10F-97769C4022428946A247-B382-4784-BFEE-CB3E8AD55FFBOne of the Artists whose art attracted my attention was Feroz – maybe because his art stall is the first on the entrance of the Tourist market. His art is so stunning and colorful which pops the place. I had such an interesting conversation with him.

D9055C7B-B5A7-49EA-8474-0AE1A90FCE48C0D52C86-25DF-4F05-A76C-B512717FDD74A144542E-2DA1-4081-A2CF-969204932C66Feroz and many other Artists and Artisans in Malindi mostly make their fine artworks using  watercolor, paint, pen and ink to make stunning illustrations and pottery from recycled and up-cycled glass like wine bottles, plastics and other beach trash and gems like shells,  animal bones, and flip flops to make curios etc. Including accessories made from upcycling old newspapers, animal bones, baobab seeds, bottle tops and aluminum. Which introduces you to my Community Based Organization – CBO –   TRASHION KENYA A fusion of trash and fashion. A community project that I started not long ago teaching conservation and upcycling beach trash to add value to the original trash product and make fashionable items through DIY projects. The goal is to spread environmental conservation awareness.


Hence why I admire Artists & Artisans and value the Tourist market. They are a very important part of the community because through their sustainable art and fashion; up-cycling & re-cycling, they are utilizing a huge part of beach trash that affects our Blue Economy; marine life, human health, tourism, pollution, poverty, and the list goes on. 

Let’s support our local Artists & Artisans not only at Tourist markets, but also at any similar stall you come across. Buy local products to empower local talents like Feroz who serve a great initiative and have a huge impact to our environment through his craft. 


In a nutshell, if you want to buy stunning afro-souvenirs and mementos, or just want to explore art, Malindi Tourist Market is ideal for you. Because they have everything you’d need from any of the scores of stalls  without any hustle of going around town tirelessly searching. However, be vigilant while shopping, because I cannot guarantee of the safety of the Tourist Market.


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Robinson Crusoe Island – Seafood Feast

Robinson Crusoe Island is an exquisite seafood excursion island strategically located in Malindi Salt, approximately 1 hour road trip North of Malindi Town. (Land-marked by a police station and mosque).

Ensure that you carry your National ID cards/ Passports for a security pass on your way to the Island. Robinson Crusoe Island holds a special place in my heart because it’s home to me. My grandfather, Hassan Bien and his lovely wife Mariam John have worked hard together to serve us the best sea food in town through their magical signature menu for over 30years. I might sound bias, but you have to come and taste it yourself to believe my words. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Moreover, Watamu Seafaris got you covered!

Peaches, just imagine this; a deserted serene island far away from the town buzz, surrounded by nature; tall palm trees, mangroves, driftwood furniture,  makuti restaurant with a natural sand carpet floor, 5 course sea food meal, tropical fruits & traditional bush tea. Now imagine eating all that and relaxing on a beautiful golden private beach sunbathing as you get lulled by gentle beach waves. Pure bliss! Experience the tranquility at Robinson Crusoe Island.

Moreover, mangrove conservation is highly practiced among other environmental conservation initiatives that Hassan Bien partakes in. As a sustainable lifestyle blogger, that’s one of my many inspirations about Robinson Crusoe Island.


It was Easter Holiday when my dearest grandfather, Hassan Bien, took me to Robinson Crusoe Island in so long. We left early in the morning road tripping to the exquisite island.


On our way in, scenic views of salt heaps and stunning flamingos glamorizing the salt land welcomed us. It’s a little bit of a bumpy ride so you’ll have to buckle up for this one. As you should.

Usually, Safari, the boat rider picks us up with the boat for a punt ride through the lush green mangroves. However, we arrived early in the morning when the tide was low, so we walked the short distance to the restaurant.



Pic by the TheIslandGuru

Everything is made from natural materials. Makuti rooftop, unique driftwood furniture, sand carpet and many more.

In addition, there’s a lounge area inside and outside the restaurant to relax once you’re stuffed. Guests are warmly ushered into the restaurant to their reserved tables with friendly smiles from their hospitable staff who are like family.



Robinson Crusoe Island Restaurant is decorated with bougainvillea flowers giving you a whole island vibe like you’re in the Bahamas. Customer service is really valued as all their staff share a family union and treat guests like family too. Courtesy of Hassan Bien.


Hassan Bien


A water kettle and bowl is offered to guests as a courteous gesture to wash their hands before and after every meal. It is a 5 course aphrodisiac seafood meal; a starter consisting of fresh baked oysters in coconut. Fresh boiled crabs catch of the day. Then king spiced prawns with fresh salad. Grilled fresh fish of the season i.e. red snapper, or grouper, king fish, sweet lips, white snapper e.t.c. Including rice in coconut delicious sauce.   Tropical fruits and Bien’s special bush tea served as dessert. All at kshs. 3,000/- only per person (drinks not included). You can order drinking sodas and water.

If you have never tasted oysters, Robinson Crusoe Island Restaurant has the tastiest oysters you’ll ever have. The oysters and coconut baked fusion gives a sensational taste. A must try!


Delicious fresh boiled crabs are served second with a wooden board plate and wooden sticks to break its shell. It’s a great fun experience to try it with your friends and families.


King spiced prawns follow. Peel and feel the deli taste.


Well-seasoned grilled fish is then served with rice and coconut curry island dish. Sa-vo-ry!!! 😋


Pic by TheIslandGuru


Lastly, tropical fruits and traditional tea served as dessert.



Pic by TheIslandGuru

After a heartfelt meal, calls a relaxation session.


The beautiful beach stands to be one of the main attractions of Robinson Crusoe Island with golden sand and clear sea water.


Private and serene! Wear your beach sandals, hats and sun cream to protect yourself from the scorching sun, essential  for sunbathing.


Perfect getaway with your friends and family for a bonding session. Everything is served fresh hence you have to book a day in advance (24 hours).

Especially for a honeymoon and Eid getaway!

Book book book!!! 

To book, contact Hassan Bien +254 722 559 095 and Mariam John +254 729 326730.
Also, Watamu Seafaris for a sea excursion tour  package including lunch at Robinson Crusoe Island  +254724215418,

Of many questions asked:
1. Do they have rooms? Can you sleep there? No, it’s an excursion island offering seafood lunch but you can request to camp if you bring your camping tents.

2. Do they have charging spots? No, you’ll have to ensure that your phones are fully charged therefore I’d advice you to carry extra electronic gadgets. Portable power banks are most ideal.

3. Is the Kshs. 3,000/- seafood package inclusive of transport? No, but you can contact Watamu Seafaris  for transport & sea excursion tours. Call +254724215418. Email:

PS: Robinson Crusoe Island and Robinson Island are two different island restaurants  albeit existing in one location.

With Love,
Robinson Crusoe Island.
Welcome Peaches!

Live | Love | Eat 

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Why You Should Join The Malindi Town Clean-Up Day Initiative

Malindi Town Clean-Up Day is a monthly community initiative that was initially coordinated last month in April by Malindi Stakeholders in collaboration with Municipality of Malindi, Kilifi County, to save both the Blue and Green Economy of Malindi and ensure Malindi retains its old status.

“In 2001, Malindi was declared the cleanest town. In 2003, we were runners-up. In 2004, it was nominated to represent Kenya at the UN – Habitat World Urban Forum in Barcelona Spain. In 2004, it received a gold award from Total Oil Kenya Eco Challenge.” Mrs. Kate Mwikali, chairperson of Kenya Association of Women in Tourism (KAWT).


Our Town Our Responsibility Motto is to change the attitude and mindset of people in Malindi so as to make each of us accountable for maintaining our town’s ecosystem as a community.


Residents of Malindi (Malindians), KWS Malindi, Rotaract Club of Malindi, Rotary Club of Malindi, County Commissioner of Kilifi County, Italian Community, Kenya Redcross – Kilifi Branch, Kenya Association of Women in Tourism (KAWT), Business Owners & all other Stakeholders showed their civic pride yesterday by teaming up with the Municipality of Malindi, and County Government of Kilifi, to clean up Malindi Town so as to spruce up its beauty.

We all gathered for the second edition of Malindi Town Clean-Up Day yesterday at 8:00 a.m. during our fasting month of Ramadhan as planned at Portuguese Chapel in Malindi.


For the clean up, trucks, hand gloves, masks, trash bags, wrecks, litter bins & water refreshments were facilitated for all volunteers. In collaboration with staff from the County Government of Kilifi and Kenya Red-Cross Kilifi Branch.

We cleaned a section of Malindi Town; from Portuguese Chapel to Uhuru Gardens; cleaning the streets & pathways along Baobab road.


There was so much team work which  made me register that chivalry is not dead. Together we can make Malindi great again. Moreover, we interacted in the process and got to meet new people of Malindi.

A little rain hicupped the event for a short while but we were all determined to finish, so we waited under different shades and continued with our trash collection exercise.

All the trash that was collected was dropped at Uhuru Garden for disposal.


Plastic waste was collected in plenty; plastic bottles and plastic straws. Other trash collected included soda bottle-tops, flipflops, newspapers, food wrappers, box cans, and cigarettes to mention a few.

A short speech from the County Comissioner, Kenya Association of Women in Tourism (KAWT) & more Stakeholders’ leaders closed the event to educate the community on the importance of taking care of our environment.


The main objectives of this initiative is to help in waste management of Malindi Town so as to maintain a healthy environment, create sustainable collaboration between stakeholders, create an identity for Malindi by positioning it as a blue & green town in order to exploit the blue economy in an economically, socially & environmentally
sustainable way. Turn trash Into cash (employment). Lastly, to check the Government’s performance.

Applauding Malindi Stakeholders for organizing this successful cleanup event thus far and all volunteers who pulled through. We hope to raise more awareness for more people to join in numbers so as to increase the manpower.



BE0EC842-C2BB-4A58-862C-3FDBAC242F4E.jpeg*All people of MalindiKilifi County, are welcome to volunteer*


This will not only encourage local businesses to clean their properties but also residents of Malindi to avoid littering and be more conscious of their environmental hygiene so as to maintain a healthy ecosystem. As a results, roads in Malindi will be taken down to zero waste,  our Green and Blue Economy will improve, job creation, and attract both local and international  tourism including all other objectives mentioned; A revolution!

Perhaps if the County Government of Kilifi took proper charge, more Malindi Youth and Local Business Owners are educated on waste management, conservation and recycling & facilitated with the right resources, Malindi’s environment status will improve and the objectives can be easily achieved as a community.



Looking forward to the 3rd edition of Malindi Town Clean-Up. Bring your friends, family, acquaintance to volunteer, and spread the word.

0C90AE89-5A41-412D-81B2-76234C9A81C3.jpegOur Town Our Responsibility! 

Wishing all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters Ramadhan Kareem.

Photography Credits: Peter Mkristo  Shariff Photography  Leni Frau


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Kilifi Entrepreneurship & Innovation Youth Summit and Churchill Live Show Malindi

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit was a 3-day event (29th – 31st March 2019) held at Pwani University in Kilifi hosted by  Kenya Conference Solutions for the purposes of unveiling the Big4 Agenda and Blue Economy Opportunities for the Youth in Kilifi County. The free Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit provides a platform for youth to share their knowledge, skills and ideas, and an opportunity to directly engage with Innovators, Leaders, Entertainers, Social Champions, Entrepreneurs and Delegates to empower Kilifi youth, and nurture their knowledge and skills through mentorship that can help build Kilifi County.


“One of the best decisions we made this year was attending the free Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit fueled our identity as youth to take part in the efforts of changing our country and the world to a sustainable place for everyone.” Kilifi Youth – Kenya Conference Solutions.

“It is inevitable to talk about achieving the Big4 Agenda without including youth. We are no longer the future leaders, we are the NOW leaders. Delighted to be joining in this very important Youth Summit.” CKK Charles Kamau – Public Engagement & Communications Enthusiast. – Kenya Conference Solutions.

The official opening of the Kilifi Entrepreneurship and Innovation Youth Summit was entertaining; A fashion show by Designers Vera of Vee Fashionhouse and Charity of Stella Customised Fashion Kenya and performances by Dj Kryotic & Proff Kenya. The performance was lit – no, literally! There was a sensational fire hooping dance alongside his performance. A more surprising one by Mwanase Ahmed, Co-owner & Managing Director, Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers; Mwanase Hoops.



Agendas discussed of the Big4 Agendas to brainstorm on issues that are currently hindering youth’s growth in business and innovations for long-term solutions. Esteemed panelists discussed Manufacturing, Affordable Housing, Universal Healthcare and Food Security.

“The only way that Kilifi Youth can actively participate in the global economy is through investment in our vibrant, talented youth. Investing in the youth is investing in the future and the industries of tomorrow. That is the only way to reach our Big4 Agenda and keep them going for generations to come.” Hon. Martha Koki – Nominated Member of the County Assembly of Kilifi.

“Don’t be where you are needed, be where you are loved.” Mzee Jalango Mwenyewe.



Youth Participants

Kilifi Youth participants set their tents and tables to promote their businesses by showcasing their products and services.



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Photography: Gaze Photography

Also, Kilifi Youth participants had an innovation competition and the social champions will be announced during the award ceremony #TeamKCS hashtag on twitter.



Photography: Gaze Photography & Kenya Conference Solutions 

Churchill Live Show Malindi


Churchill Live Show was the highlight of the day closing the night in Malindi, Kilifi County with uproarious laughter! Malindians surprised Mwalimu Churchill with a massive turn out. Daniel Churchill Ndambuki is a Kenyan Comedian who hosts the comedy TV show Churchill Show on NTV Kenya on Sundays and Thursdays.

Katoi Watabaka – Percussionist of Mijikenda Jazz Band based in Malindi – was given the golden opportunity by Mwalimu Churchill to open the stage entertaining the audience with his percussion musical performance for one hour, alongside Mambo Tribe Music movement from Malindi as well. The stadium was packed like sardines!

I don’t do well in crowded places but the quality laughter from different comedians made it worth the stay. The transposed humor from all comedians’ performances brought waves of laughter at the show.



Comedian Prof. Hamo shot his shot that night picking his flower Nadia Maria from the Churchill Show audience garden. I’d say he’s got good taste!


Talented Malindians; comedians, giriama dancers, music artists and spoken word artists performed as well communicating to the world that Malindi got talent too.

Special Guest Officials: Mombasa Governor Hon. Hassan Ali Joho, Kilifi Governor Hon. Amason Jeffah Kingi, Malindi MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa Katana, courteously welcomed Churchill Show and gave a speech addressing the cheerful crowd as they danced to ¤Tetema¤ on stage.


Malindi umetushangaza mno, town ni ndogo lakini watu ni wengi mno. Thank you Malindi. We had so much fun. This was one awesome show with a great audience. Kilifi tutarudi, we will be back soon,” Mwalimu Churchill.

St. Anthony’s Malindi Choir closed the Churchill Show by gracing the stage with some gospel.


Do you still think Malindi is dead? Think again Peaches.


Live | Love | Laugh

Photography:  Rogim Photography & Mwalimu Churchill

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Malindi Fashion Show Slays La Malindina

Elegance, glamour and splendor filled the ambiance of La Malindina Resort in Malindi during Malindi Fashion Show previous Saturday on International Women’s Day; celebrating phenomenal women all around the world. Not to mention, La Malindina was recently reopened 3 months ago after three years of shut down.


Aldo Menduni (left), Scarlet Were (middle), Charity Karimi a.k.a. Stella Customized(right).

Italian Owner of La Malindina, Mr. Aldo Menduni, birthed the idea of the fashion show event partnering with the talented Fashion Designer, Charity Karimi owner of Stella Customized Kenya based in Malindi to showcase her fashion designs to potential International and Local clients who attended the esteemed event. Our African Queen, Scarlet Were was the special guest that night. Scarlet Were is the former Miss Universe Kenya 2016 who broke the record of becoming the first Kenyan and only African to make it to a top 6 placement out of 86 beauty queens at the Miss Universe Competition.


On entrance, a hostess welcomed us with a white rose walking on red carpet floor heading for a welcoming photo session as the Photographer dutifully took photos. Stella Customized background banner and red carpet floor themed the venue of the fashion show. Both ladies and gentlemen were dressed impeccably. Majority of the guests who attended the event that night wore Stella’s elegant unique designs making them stand out from the crowd.

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Guests took their seats in the stunning restaurant ready for the fashion show to begin. A few minutes later, the tables were full as waiters were bustling serving delicious dinner. The murmur of conversation throughout the venue was distinctively Italian and English.


Heliana Vogli; Italian lady who is one of Stella’s biggest client and supporter, was the MC of the event. She opened the welcoming speech honoring International Women’s Day.

Young gorgeous models marvelously took over the runway strutting around the swimming pool. They all walked so confidently with so much elegance giving justice to Stella Customized classy designs.

First Round was showcasing Afro-beaded accessories from Vera’s designs. Chic and retro!


Second Round showcased Stella Customized fabulous casual wear with Vera’s accessories.



Third round showcased Stella Customized dazzling beach wear.


Forth Round showcased Stella Customized elegant evening wear.





Finally, the night’s showstopper Scarlet Were; Miss Universe Kenya 2016 made a special appearance on stage.


Scarlet had her long black hair tied up in a ponytail sweeping back to her waist, glowing in flawless makeup, and dressed exquisitely in Stella Customized elegant shimmery low back dress that had a thigh high side slit and accessorized with a necklace piece from Vera’s accessories collection. She effortlessly walked through the stage leading the runway like the African Queen she is as the rest of the models followed her lead.


Guests were amused by her presence as photographers snapped her pics like paparazzi. Scarlet gave a touching speech to close the Malindi Fashion Show that explained her crown of valor. The message she sent was to break stereotypes of objectifying beauty queens against lecherous gazes on runways especially. Bravely opening up about her background as an orphan, challenges in her journey to top 6 of 86 position in Miss Universe Kenya. She added that Kenya does not have any financial advantage it was through her own financial effort that she succeeded. Also, she talked about how she started her Shades of Life Foundation and since Malindi is sadly known to be a drug  and prostitution avenue, she would want to use her platform to raise awareness against drug abuse especially among youths and empower young girls by raising awareness against prostitution and mentor them to divert attention from ill-fated social behaviors.

“My brother unfortunately became hooked to drugs and the damages completely changed his life. Which is why I started the Shades of Life Foundation to raise awareness against drug abuse among youth. Also, I own a lipstick line called Scarlet Lipstick Collection which Contributes to the Shades of Life Foundation with every purchase of lipstick.”

Charity Karimi – Stella Customized

Charity Karimi a.k.a. Stella Customized Kenya is an inspiring fashion designer in Malindi originally from Embu. Charity was born below poverty hence learning tailoring at 12 years old as a survival talent. In 2012 she launched her cloth line named after her daughter Stella; Stella Customized. Malindi was best choice for her ever since she moved for work 14 years ago and for being a serene town best for creating. Scarlet and Charity happened to share a multitude of things including style and empowering trait. For that reason, she chose Scarlet to be her brand ambassador.

Through online and offline marketing she has managed to get both Local and International clients. Moreover, she has taken part in many fashion runway events in Kenya including Swahili Fashion Week among others.

Charity not only gives free fashion and design training to a handful of young girls but also  hires young models for photo-shoots and runways to empower them. Adding to her passion to encourage women and empower young women to embrace their beauty and use their beauty for a good cause. Moreover, as a business woman in the tourist sector, Charity offers sustainable fashion using her patch works as statement pieces to avoid littering. Also, she collaborates with women from the beach.

Today, Stella Customized has recognition that has exceeded her expectations. Soon, she will be attending Botswana Fashion Between Borders.

Charity has a message to young girls,

“You always have a choice. Set your goals, have faith and be ambitious. Look at the bigger picture. Success will come when you are determined to win. Do not give into temptations or let poverty define you.”

To revive Malindi, Charity reckoned that readily available resources in Malindi need to be properly utilized by youth and investors in Kilifi County who need to work collaboratively to uplift the tourism in Malindi.

In a nutshell, everything about the Malindi Fashion Show was divine. Aldo commended the number of attendees at Malindi Fashion Show – 70 guests – as a big turn out for Malindi.


Photo Credits: Rogim Photography.


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