YouTube Upload: Ramadhan Before Coronavirus Pandemic | Malindi, Kenya

Ramadhan this year has not been the same due to Coronavirus Pandemic. I have been reminiscing on my experience last year (2019) in Malindi, Kenya. Social gatherings and cooking, prayer congregations in mosques, the night Adhan, Taraweh nights, street food, shopping without social distancing, random Ramadhan greetings from Muslim Brothers and Sisters on the streets. When the street was a safe place to walk at night. No curfews or lockdowns. Night shopping with friends and families and eating out at night in restaurants, and having ice-cream desserts in ice-cream parlors. Sharing this video because it reminds me of pure blessings, freedom, health, peace, love and hope as we bid Farewell to Ramadhan in 2020. 
Click link below to watch 😉
Enjoy watching Peaches ❤
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