Eid Day Out at Ole Sereni Emara Sky Lounge | Eid OOTD

Hey Peaches,

I hope you had a lovely Eid-Al-Adha weekend celebrations with your family.

During Eid, last Friday, I honestly didn’t do much. It was self care day for me at the nail parlor and later on relaxed in the house after having my mom’s delicious mutton biriani. On Saturday, I had to finish some  pending work reports. I was finally free on Sunday to go out for a family Eid treat with my mom.

Ole Sereni Emara Sky Lounge

Emara Ole Sereni was the most convenient place to visit since it’s five  minutes away from home. Their new wing, the Sky Lounge, is a hot spot in Nairobi right now.


Ole Sereni is a first class wildlife resort strategically located just off the  Mombasa road overlooking the Nairobi National Game Park.

According to Emara Ole Sereni’s newsletter, Emara Sky Lounge opens from Tuesdays to Sundays 12pm to 7pm with only 70 limited seats to observe the social distance. Strictly 18+ allowed. Entrance is free of charge. You can also book for reservations through their hotel reception. Perfect spot for dates and drinks and snacks hang outs with friends.

My mom and I arrived at around 3pm. We were greeted with hand sanitizers by their Security staff as they took us through security  check (always remember to wear your masks). We were then directed to the elevator which only allowed 3 people to enter, accelerating us to our destination at the Sky Lounge, on the 10th floor.

Emara Sky Lounge has an elegant set up with a groovy ambience set by the DJ. Unique white oval shaped seats, stunning crystal blue swimming pool decorated with colorful seats strategically placed at the edge of the swimming pool facing the Nairobi National Park.


Their drinks and food menu prices range from Kshs. 700/-  – Kshs. 3,500/-. Snacks ranging from Kshs. 1,000/- to a full snacks platter of kshs. 1,700/-. We just had fresh juices and a platter of snacks as we enjoyed stunning views of our magical Kenya. I wasn’t impressed with the plastic straws that they served us drinks with though. 

The views are everything! Lush green nature and magnificent wildlife views of Nairobi National Park. We could spot zebras, gazelles, buffalos, and giraffes from Nairobi National Park   at a distance while at the Sky Lounge.


To my surprise however, they are strict on photography. No cameras allowed but you can take photos from your phone camera and snap some few pics that don’t look as obvious as mine though; one of the guests was stopped from taking pictures by a lady who looked like the Manager. He was admiring the wildlife view through the lens of his phone while standing. She asked him to sit until past restaurant hours. Apparently, photography sessions are allowed past 5 pm.

Thankfully, I had already taken pictures. LOTS of pictures! I mean, who wouldn’t want to take pics of such alluring views? Each angle of the Sky Lounge at Emara Ole Sereni is an Instagram worthy shot! What matters is my mom and I had a lovely time!



Dress: Mr Price

Shoes: Bata Kenya

Halal Nailpolish: Nasforyou

Presets: Asmawashere



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