Places to Eat in Malindi| Seafood, Swahili Coastal Food and Desserts

Hi Peaches,

I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

I came down to the Coast, a year later, for my December holiday break as I was seeking a classic sun, therapeutic ocean breeze, refreshing beach vibes and coastal sea food!

When you visit Malindi, here are a few restaurants and cafés I would recommend you to eat from. Please note that I only review and recommend places I have visited personally.

Seafood Lovers

Robinson Crusoe Island

An adventurous sea food destination. If you are looking to have a road trip with your friends and family and have a delicious seafood meal simultaneously, my grandfather’s sea food restaurant in Robinson Crusoe Island is the best seafood restaurant in Malindi; the only place I can eat oysters, baked in coconut (you must try this!). Located in Malindi salt. Please tap on this blogpost for more details. Do book in advance! Rate *5/5*.

Loro Di Lorenzo

New hot Italian restaurant in Malindi, located in Mwembe Resort. The fine restaurant faces the beautiful man-made waterfall swimming pool. Well maintained with an elegant setup. I visited recently courtesy of my good friend, Leonardo who owns the restaurant together with his family. By far the best seafood pizza I’ve had in Malindi. A perfect spot for sushi lovers too. My new addition to ecofriendly restaurants as I spotted their upcycled bamboo décor except for their plastic straws. Please say no to plastic straws when ordering drinks; I carry my own reusable bamboo straw wherever I go. Besides meals, they offer delectable homemade ice-cream dessert perfect for the hot weather. Rate *5/5*.

Bar Bar Restaurant

A spectacular town restaurant to hang out with your friends and family. Bar Bar is located facing Lamu Road. My favorite spot to chill with my laptop as I write my blogs. I specifically love their Italian seafood pizza, pasta, tagliolini with lobster and virgin cocktails. Eco-friendly too; they facilitate paper straws and customized glass water bottles bearing their logo to make a sustainable brand statement. Rate *5/5*

Billionaire Resort Grill Bar & Restaurant

Luxurious! Legit a billionaires’ hang out spot located along marine road, Malindi. Just recently, Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo and English Model Naomi Campbell hosted their lifestyle interview there. Needless to say, it’s the creme de la creme restaurant of Malindi. High end prices of their exquisite food made our wallets cry. I have to admit though, I have never had steak so soft, tender & flavorful. It was worth it! Not to mention, the white sands, tall coconut trees, golden orange tent ceilings and sea view from the restaurant gave us rich beach vibes. Rate *5/5*.

Osteria Beach Seafood & Ice-cream Restaurant

Beach vibes and food. Swahili beds too are available at the beach for total relaxation after food. I don’t remember being disappointed with their services or food except for their steaks which I wouldn’t recommend. Good for delicious seafood grill, seafood pasta & pizzas. In addition, a side menu with vegeterian, vegan and gluten free meals is available. Its selling point is its location by the beach, perfect to chill with your friends and family; they facilitate swahili beds for full relaxation. Rate *4/5*.

Osteria Restaurant also has an icecream café branch along Buntwani ground offering home made yummilicious gelato. Very affordable too. Pistachio icecream made me double take. Rate *5/5*.

Rosada Beach Restaurant

Rosada beach restaurant is the hot spot for Malindi locals to chill, eat and enjoy music on the beach. Their service, lively ambience and delicious meals take me back there during most of my free time. You must try their veggie rice with lemon fish and Italian seafood pasta. At night, it turns into the perfect beach club. However, covid regulations and curfews have toned it down a notch. *Rate 4/5*.

White Elephant Art and Sea Lodge

The one and only unique, gorgeous sea & art lodge in Malindi, located along Casaurina Road, offering an Art Museum with art and sculptures mostly made from recycled beach trash by the famous Italian Artist, Armando Tanzini, who is also the owner of White Elephant Sea & Art Lodge. Their seafood meals are quite standard. However, I can assure you that you will have a unique experience in the Art Museum whereas their stunning beach restaurant next to the swimming pool which overlooks the sea, would also give you alluring sea views. Furthermore, It’s quite private, most suitable for lovers’ chilling and eating spot. Rate *4/5*.

Swahili Food Lovers

Disclaimer: Sorry to disappoint swahili food lovers with limited options. I’m not so much of a swahili food eat-out fun; thankfully, my family makes the best swahili food no cap! Hence why I hardly eat out at a swahili food restaurant. However, here a few that I would recommend in Malindi.

Jabreen  Café 

Located along Malindi road past the town mosque. It’s best for breakfast snacking and coastal lunch. Serves some delicious fried potatoes (viazi karai), chapatis and mahambri super soft, served hot. You should visit especially for breakfast snacking. Rate *5/5*.

One local delicacy I crave to have when in Malindi is viazi karai and muhogo wa rojo in Shela. The best! Just ask around for directions. The combo is OMG! finger.licking.good!

Cakes and Desserts

Shakes and Cakes

Has the best shakes in Malindi. It was their salted caramel milk shake & peach ice tea, fast WiFi, great service, stunning interior and air conditioning for me. A must visit! Rate *5/5*.

Cake Mania

For freshly home baked cakes and pastries delights, Cake Mania loacted along Lamu Road in Malindi town would be ideal. You should definitely try out their fruit tarts, Moroccan truffle balls, and scrumptious eclairs that melts in your mouth. Rate *5/5* for presentation, service and taste.

Amne’s Goodies

A very popular online bakery that offers all things sweet. Mind blown by Amne’s creativity skills in her custom made birthday cakes designs. My favorite has got to be their soft and moist cakesicles that taste and look like frozen icecream lollies. Rate *5/5*.

Creambell Ice-cream Parlor

If you are a fan of Creambell ice-cream delights in Malindi, this would be your best provider. Needless to say, they also make the best homemade shakes sprinkled with an array of assortments of your choice. Rate *5/5*.

It’s a wrap peaches! 🌯 Have you eaten from any of the places I have mentioned before? How would you rate their food? Also, please feel free to add your favorite food restaurants in Malindi in the comments. I would love to explore more food restaurants, especially eco-friendly places.

If you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact me on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Before you close this blogpost, I need just one favor from you Peaches. Please make a difference by saying no to plastic straws when you visit any of the restaurants that only offer plastic straws. I have also done my part by bringing it to each of their managers’ attention, requesting them to consider swapping to eco-friendly straws and bottles to reduce the number of plastic waste which eventually gets washed into the ocean, as a result, harming marine life.

Cheers Peaches!



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