Lakshmi Sparadise


Lakshmi Spa is a magical wellness spa in Watamu that gives you a sweet taste of paradise. Owned by Lara Abagni; Italian lady who loves nature hence designed her spa to fit into the concept of nature as she specifically uses natural products; tea from Turkey, oils and skin care products for body treatments including aloe vera, coconut and avocado  of which are rich in vitamins that are good for the skin. Named after Indian goddess Lakshmi connected with the belief of well-being.

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Spa Lakshmi was born from the passion for this job and love for this Earth. The choice of this name comes from the Goddess Lakshmi. Divinity venerated also in Buddhism and protector of Well-being.’’ ~ Lara Abagni 

Lately, I have been on an eco-friendly lifestyle haul, hence, Lakshmi Spa was IT for me.

My 1 hour massage appointment was on Monday afternoon at 1400 hours. If you follow my social media accounts, you already know that I have been kitesurf training at JC Kitehouse in Garoda Beach Resort, Watamu. Therefore, that was a much needed massage.

From Garoda Beach Resort to Lakshmi Spa, it took me about twenty minutes to arrive just next to Crystal Bay.


Lakshmi Spa’s entrance door already gives a vintage statement with a handcrafted vintage doorbell which once I pulled the bell handle, not one minute passed, the door was opened by one of Lakshmi Spa’s staff, Dorothy. They’re a lovely family altogether!


Rita (left), Lara (middle), Dorothy (right) and Ice (chilling😎).

Entering Lakshmi spa, my eyes were sparkled by a lush green garden trimmed to perfection. I was welcomed by the sweetest dog called Ice, as I greeted Lara with hugs and kisses. Not to mention, she is a lovely soul. Lara then introduced me to her other staff, Rita, who was going to be my masseuse for that hour. Rita ushered me into the lovely spa giving me a little tour for more eye candy.

Inside Lakshmi Spa, there is a guest waiting area with comfortable seating and a table with updated beauty and skincare magazines to keep yourself updated on beauty trends and skincare tips.


Located along the right side of the waiting area is a small boutique with tailored dresses, sandals and accessories from Afrosphere Design. While on the left side is a well equipped aesthetic room with a sophisticated light table stand for manicures and a wooden pedicure seat. Open built-in shelves on each room’s walls are used to store nail polishes and their natural beauty products on display.


Next to the aesthetic room is a massage room on your left which has twin massage beds for either couples or single massage.



Lakshmi Spa has two bathrooms; One is next to the massage room for guests and the other one is inside the massage room for clients to shower before and after their massage.

More so, among the services offered are manicure, pedicure, acrylics and lash extensions services. Waxing whether it is bikini, legs, arms, armpits, facial, chest and back. Also, face and body treatments; facial cleansing, facial scrub, specific facial treatment, body scrub and aloe body. Additionally, hydrotherapy, ayurveda, Kalari, lymph drainage legs, body stretching, back and reflexology services are offered for therapeutic muscle relaxant massages. Check out Lakshmi Spa Website for all the above mentioned services’ prices.

Down a small hallway you will find an open-concept massage room on your left, a relaxing area with sunbeds for sunbathing and outdoor grooming. The most amazing thing about Lakshmi Spa is that you can choose to have your massages and body treatments outside in their beautiful garden as you enjoy the paradisiacal nature views with melodic sounds from their windchimes.


Lakshmi Spa’s enchanting hydro pool for hydrotherapy massage with an outside shower adds on to the spa’s exquisiteness! You can choose to stay in the hydro pool for half an hour or more to your satisfaction.


Hydro Pool


Hydro Pool



Outdoor Shower

I have to commend Lakshmi spa for an amazing ambience and having a squeaky clean spa. Bedsheets and towels are spotless.

I was excited to experience an outdoor massage in the outside massage room. It has an exquisite view with natural ventilation. As I laid on the massage bed in my towel, Rita got some natural massaging oil in an artistic bowl and massaged my body literally from head to toe. That massage was amazing!

Without much realization, my body actually needed massage therapy. I felt super light after the heavenly massage. It was too good that I looked intoxicated. Therapeutic indeed!


Sadly, my time was up, therefore, I could not dip into the hydro pool but my hands felt amazing during a one minute hydromassage test earlier. It’s definitely a plan for another day!

In a nutshell, it was a day spectacularly  spent at one of the most enchanting spas in Watamu. Lakshmi Spa is your beauty, body and muscles plug Peaches. Also, perfect for bonding sessions with friends, spouse or family. Most definitely a unisex spa. Do snap fabulous pics and tag me when you go!


Needless to say, Lakshmi Spa’s staff are total sweethearts. Rita served me well whereas Dorothy assisted me a lot with filming and photography. You are rest assured to get the best services from these two sweet ladies.


Have a lovely and relaxing day Peaches! Cheers!

Courtesy of Lara ~  Lakshmi Spa.

Thank you!

Live| Love | Laugh



Hat: ForeverTrendy

Sunnies & Earrings: StarsJoaillere

Summer Dress: Forever21

Black sandals: MRP





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Hello 2019: Taking Stock 2018


Happy New Year Peaches! 2019! I am thankful for the gift of life and health from the Almighty granting us all access to 2019.

2018 has been a hell of a rollercoaster. Revelatory to say the least. To be fair though, I’ve had some great moments and met phenomenal people hence I appreciate it. All I’m trying to do right now is focus on the good and positive things that 2018 blessed me with but not dismissing the bad moments either. Those are the ones that have shaped me into who I am today. Not bitter at all, but better, composed, stronger and wiser. ‘Never a failure, always a lesson.’

2018 adventures and events:


Zip lining. One of the most thrilling adventures in 2018!


I made new friends. Cool fun people to be around.


Laughter and good vibes


I attended candid conversations and met my all time favorite Kenyan Lifestyle Blogger ~ ThisisEss!


At the Candid Conversations event, I met phenomenal women who made me feel empowered.


I got the luxury to stay at Watamu Treehouse. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Watamu. Made me realize that I love nature and art.


I did yoga for the first time at Watamu Treehouse. It was a new elevating and therapeutic experience.


First time seeing a whale with my naked eyes! I went whale watching at Hemingways in Watamu. Such humongous creatures. I wish I could swim with them.


The bubble Suit at Rock and Sea in Watamu totally wowed me! The interior, set up, nature views! I was lucky to be there in the hidden gem thanks to Stephano who is the Manager. Also, one of the nicest people I have met in Watamu.


Rock and Sea bubble Suit. Eye candy


Attended Breast Cancer Awareness walk. It gives me joy to make a difference in someone’s life. I am also happy to have been a part of Rotaract Club Malindi. Very enlightening!



Attended Youth Innovation event at United Nations in Nairobi through Rotaract Club Malindi – I met brilliant youths that were an inspiration.


I attended the historic Sustainable Blue Economy Conference as a delegate at KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. It was educational and it was a privilege to be in the same room with very prominent persons. I am loooking forward to conserve our country’s Blue Economy!


When I see women in power, it gives me joy and hope in changing the narrative of women in power. We need more women in power for a better future for the girl child.



Collaborated with Aaliya (Imakeuplikethis) and Shahista (makeupbyshahista). It was a first Halloween make up for me and I totally enjoyed it!


My girl Farhana launched her clothline and I will always support my friends so it is also the highlight of my year, because I love seeing my friends winning and I am always here for it. So proud of her!



Attended Farhana’s pop up shop to support my girl. She has an amazing collection!



I partnered with Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris (still do). Through them, I am learning a lot especially when it comes to our wildlife Conservation and the Tourism Industry. Hence why I want to learn more languages. Through them also, I found my passion and for that I am grateful!


The first people I met through Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris. Such beautiful and talented souls!


Watched dolphins for the 3rd time. It was one of the best dolphin views with a whole pod of dolphins swimming, diving, and jumping with joy. I’m still yet to swim with them. 2019 goal!


I did snorkeling for the umpteenth time. Swimming while enjoying views of beautiful fish, corals, and all that’s glittery underwater is one of my favorite things to do


Breakfast at the beach. It should be a lifestyle! Amazing views


I met such wonderful people at Watamu Treehouse. Barbara is a total sweetheart!


I learned a new water sports. Stand up paddling at Mida Creek in Watamu. It was intense work out in the scorching sun but totally worth it. Of watersports adventures!


Mida Creek Adventures



SUP sundowners! Amazing!


One of the best most therapeutic experiences in my life was yoga meditation on water. I came out feeling brand new and healed. My mind is clearer than ever. Worked like magic.


Shamsa got engaged! She’s more of a sister than a friend. Words cannot explain how happy I am. May Allah bless your union as we wait for the big day!


And I slayed!! Favorite outfit of 2018. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

A few important lessons I learned the hard way in 2018.

  1. Observe not absorb.  Being empathetic makes me question if it is a curse or a blessing because I can get sucked up into people’s energy and moods. I get so concerned with hurting peoples feelings more than I do care about mine. That has to change because it’s suffocating.
  2. It is okay to be selfish. A hard one and a bold one too. I came to the realization that you can lay down for people and they will still say your back is not flat enough. Favorite quote because it summarizes everything I have to say about it.
  3. Create boundaries. Walk away from disrespect. It is always so hard to walk away from people we love regardless of how they treat us sometimes. But there’s always a limit. We should stop making excuses for people’s ill behavior, unfiltered words, cheaters, liars, pretenders and back stabbers. Speak up, confront where need be and do not entertain anyone’s disrespectful behaviors towards you. We have to accept that some people will never respect you because they don’t respect themselves. Save yourself from such people.
  4. Financial independence is empowering. So is emotional independence. If you manage to achieve those two, you will live  a more peaceful life. Be your own sugar dad
  5. Empowering women and conservation initiatives are vital in the world for better livelihood.
  6. Follow your passion. Life is too short to work in a field you are not interested in, a waste rather. Also, I learned that it is never always about the money, but what gets your creativity wheel spinning!

Incase you didn’t notice, I took a long break from social media sometime in February 2018. As dramatic as it sounds, I was about to lose it! I could not focus. My mind was all over the place. My brains were about to fall out. I had to take a break. I could not form a sentence let alone think right or through things. I cannot really explain what I was going through because wild events were happening in my life back to back like the devil was on a mission to end me. I had to quit so many things and people dear to me to get my peace of mind; to save myself. Shockingly, I took a bolder step by moving  to a totally new place where I knew literally nobody – Watamu. Honestly, I needed some quality time alone to regain my sanity. Luckily, I got a job at Watamu Treehouse and ever since, Watamu has become my new founded home. Proudly, I can say that I have found inner peace. It’s not about the people, rather, the place itself; A hidden gem. Exploring and more.


Here I am, today I can think somewhat clearly with no background noises of what if’s n whys. It’s peaceful in my head. However, I am still working on sharpening my listening skills. I am still adjusting my focus. I am still trying to find a way to forgive people completely and forgive myself for hurting people in the process. All I can say is, I don’t have it all figured out. I am a work in progress just like you and I. I might look like I have it all figured out but I’m far from that. Which is why I had to speak out when I was breaking silently for people to understand that I am only but human needing support just like I would support people who needed me. But I work everyday to improve on myself and learning to love myself and people I care about more fiercely. Most importantly, I am trying to work on stabilizing my emotions.

I hope 2019 is going to be a fruitful and prosperous year for everyone. Make everyday count and never lose hope.

To more adventures, new ideas, successful businesses, investments, travel destinations and healthier relationships.

Happy 2019 Peaches!

Live | Love | Laugh

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Do You Know About Rock and Sea Bubble Resort? Yes, This Is Kenya!

Rock and Sea Bubble Resort is an eco-friendly hidden gem in Watamu. You have to cross Mida Creek by boat to get there as it is not easily accessible by road. Also, because it is one year old since it started operations therefore not so many people are aware of this gem. However, we have social media for that and that was how I knew about it on Instagram. The Italian manager, Stefano, was so kind to accept my request for my Sunday morning booking as he offered to send me a boat to be picked from Short Beach. Short Beach is located just next to Kobe Resort before Garoda in Watamu. I was picked by boat at 11:00 a.m. on a sunny Sunday from Short Beach with two other guests, enjoying stunning crystal blue water views.


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Approximately, the boat ride to the resort was 5 minutes from Short Beach. First thing I spotted was the striking Makuti Rock and Sea restaurant built on a high rock, hence the name. On arrival, Stefano was standing at the entrance looking sharp welcoming us with a warm friendly smile. We were offered hot wet hand towels each and served with a glass of passion juice as a courteous welcome drink.



Stefano ushered us into the exquisite  Rock and Sea restaurant with a 360 degrees panoramic view of the mida creek. Their menu is diverse offering Kenyan, Asian, Italian, Vegeterian, Vegan and Kids meals menu. The choice is yours! In addition, a sea excursions menu is offered.

Sitting at the perfect restaurant spot where I got a perfect sea view, I ordered a stoney (weirdly enough that’s my favorite soft drink) from their main menu and grilled lobster which was served with chips. The ambience is soothing with a background sound of slow music which made me feel sleepy after being stuffed by the delish meal. It put me on total relax mode.

After feeling so relaxed, I was ready for  a tour on the resort; “Save the best for the last.” Stefano took me round the resort showing me their bed bath tub made of wood derived from the African culture faced by a humongous Baobab tree. Hence called Baobab.

Rock and Sea Bubble Resort is an eco-friendly lodge that sustains natural environment by using products made from natural materials and sustainable focused initiatives to conserve nature.

For relaxation,  they offer hammocks, chilling spots,  massage therapy in their massage room with comfortable massage beds facing the sea. How revitalizing! They also have a pool table and fishing rods for when guests want to go for fishing games. Also, they have a grill for barbecues and a beautiful  swimming pool with a jacuzzi next to a fully equipped beach bar for those who like to get a little wasted. Down the beach bar is the beach connecting to the mida creek.

NB: Outside guests can have lunch at the resort, massages, sea excursions, and take a dip in their swimming pool & jacuzzi at a cost.

Then finally! The stunning Rock and Sea outdoor inflatable single tunnel bubble resort! Breathtaking!


What makes the resort unique and attractive is its bold creativity of revamping bubble tents into a resort. In addition to its sophisticated design, white makes it elegant and stand out in a heavenly manner. There are 3 bubble resorts each secluded perfectly located in an enclosed hideout covered by nature due to its transparency, for guests’ privacy.


Since it is white, Stefano kindly asked me to remove my shoes before going in as he also did. We left our shoes at the entrance as he ushered me into the tunnel bubble resort by opening the entrance curve door zipper without any hassle.


I was enamored by the interior design of the bubble resort. Well furnished with uniform subtle brown natural wood furniture. A small quirky table with two chairs perfect for 2 people to have morning tea and meals and a double bed with a night stand. You have your own toilet too and a bathroom sink and a cool outdoor shower. Actually, it can give you a realm of possibilities in designing the interior if you have an eye for interior design. I like how simple yet sophisticated the bubble resort is set up. Stefano reckons that the interior decor was created to suit the resort’s natural theme since they practice sustainable tourism.

If you’re wondering how spacious it is inside, the bubble resort does not discriminate tall people. Also, it can accommodate a small family of three. Amazingly, the Rock and Sea Bubble Resort’s transparency gives you the luxury of enjoying views of lush green nature since it is transparent.  “It’s like living in the inside out!” Exclaimed Stefano. I concur!


Initially, I have to admit that I was skeptical about ventilation because it was quite hot inside. However, there’s cross ventilation which offers optimal airflow and heat is distributed evenly because of its advanced system of air ventilation. The inside tarpaulin is made of high quality non toxic flame retardant PVC material which is weatherproof withstanding harsh sunlight on a hot day and the bubble resort feels structurally sturdy enough to withstand strong winds on a cold day.  Also, it literally keeps insects and bugs out especially at night when they’re on hunt mode.

Perfect for nature lovers to reconnect with nature and lovebirds to enjoy their personal space star gazing during romantic night time.

Incase you’re wondering, last time I checked, they charge Kshs. 26,000 per night for a double (2 people) bed and breakfast. Save up and treat yourself and your family/ lover/ friends to this beautiful bubble resort for your next vacation. Totally worth it Peaches!

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With Love,



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Watamu Treehouse: Heaven On Earth!


Nestled in the forest and existing with wildlife, Watamu Treehouse in Watamu island has undoubtedly been one of my favorite places to visit in our beautiful Kenyan Coast. Just the perfect place to unwind, heal and connect with nature, away from toxins, junks and the hustle & bustle frenzy of the overcrowded city. Absolutely therapeutic! Perfect for beach bums, yogis, single traveling men & women, and romantic couples. Basically, anyone who loves nature, adventure, and a quiet peaceful environment.

How I found this heaven on earth, only God knows. Watamu Treehouse, like its name suggests, is built high in the trees decorated with natural wood, and a myriad of glass art. A hidden gem in Watamu surrounded by mangroves in the Mida Creek located on the Marine Park in Watamu on Turtle Bay road.

Watamu Treehouse Accommodation is quite  affordable. However, rooms are priced differently whereby the higher level rooms are more expensive ranging from Kshs. 13,500 – 28,500 as compared to the lower level rooms ranging from Kshs. 9,500 – 23,500.

My amazing short stay at Watamu Treehouse was  soul-satiating. I was so mesmerized and captured by the beauty and artistic architecture of the strategically built Tree house. So beautiful and unique. My eyes sparkled in amusement seeing the vertically erected snow-white tree house as the cab driver slowly drove closer to the entrance. Upon arrival, I was welcomed by an angelic face wearing a white shirt with a pink striped kikoi print on its finely folded arm and navy blue  trouser uniform. He introduced himself as Chipira, as he carried my hand luggage and lead me to the guest round table for a cold smoothie. Prior to the round table, is a stunning swimming pool on your left and right ahead, are stunning stained glass mosaic windows that stretch all the way up to the roof. Chipira then ushered me to my room; Moon & Stars.


Watamu Treehouse has two towers: North Tower and South Tower joined by a mosaic bridge each sharing a stunning pool. There’s a guest book that guests get the opportunity to share their experience with colorful bolt pens and cute boards for their updated activity schedules that you can’t miss. A fully equipped office and kitchen with friendly staff that successfully runs the place.

Sleek wood curvature flirtatiously shapes the staircases. The staircases, snow-white walls and caramel cemented floors are engraved with glass art that has so much fun colors and varieties of shapes; triangles, squares, circles, crescent moon, stars, leaves, flowers and aquamarine creatures that charmingly pops the place. The blend of natural wood cladding, glass and metal art creates an appealing exterior facade. Adding into the art work is a naturally built cobweb. I think you really need to be here to really understand the level of amusement I am in. Because I feel that there are no words that can give justice to this heaven on earth. If at all, infinity. Almost like I’m in a fairy tale.



Everything about this eco-friendly place is so natural from healthy nutritious meals and smoothies to their hand made thyme shower products.

The Food

Since Watamu Treehouse practice health and wellness, they serve nutritious meals mostly vegetarian and vegan meals including amazing coconut meals and scrumptious desserts.


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My favorite is pumpkin soup that goes so well with their pumpkin seeds and brown rice with spiced sautéed broccoli. Breakfast coconut pancake topped with honey and banana is also my favorite. As for drinks, they offer detox teas, coconut juice, and their famous smoothies. For some of the main meals like beetroot burgers, they are very much an acquired taste.

I enjoyed eating in their quirky dining tables and later relaxing in cushioned launches with a novel; serene!


Enter a caption



The Rooms

Once you cross over the mosaic North Tower bridge, are three stunning rooms: Baobab, Honeymoon and the highest of all being Star Bed.

Baobab is small and cute facing a baobab tree with a stunning view of Watamu’s gorgeous sunset.


Star Bed has a beautiful horizontal sea view and a refreshing open shower that has a direct sunrise view. Thanks to Paul Krystal, I had the luxury of staying in Moon & Stars and Star Bed.



Visit [Watamu Treehouse Instagram Page or Watamu Treehouse website to view all the room pictures and bookings]

The bathrooms are squeaky clean like every corner of Watamu Treehouse with either aesthetically pleasing mirrors or an open view of the outside with a natural breeze. Their natural handmade bath products are refreshing including natural thyme hand made body wash, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner. I would chill all day long in my kikoy bathrobe as it is so comfy you’d want to stay in them all day.



And an open hot shower with a sea view! It can’t get better than this! [View from Aqua Room]

I had the luxury of watching the sun rise every morning and sun sets every evening so effortlessly at Watamu Treehouse. Gentle beach waves, sea eagles, birds, and frog croaks were my morning alarm sounds. Moreover, the sun enhances Treehouse’s art with a stunning natural effect giving you a glimpse of heaven. What are filters? I mean..!

I could live here forever.😍 Wouldn’t you?


Later in the evening, Paul invited me for a yoga session in the yoga room at 5:00 p.m. Watamu Treehouse mission foster healing, peace and tranquility with a devotion to spread positivity and good health hence yoga perfectly aligns with its mission. The spacious yoga room has a 360 degree panorama view of the Mida Creek.

A recycled flip flop art hanged in the yoga room. Amazing right? It was created by Paul’s daughter, Aja. Watamu Treehouse family are also conservationists as they have conservation activities like of the flip flop art, beach cleaning routines every Thursdays and more.


Stretching during yoga is not as easy as it looks. Yoga is intense almost like mini planks and meditation. I felt as light as a feather.



Not only does Watamu Treehouse offer yoga as part of their recreational activities, but also offer massage therapy, snorkeling trips, eco-walks and nature expeditions on stand-up paddle-boards or kayaks depending on the tide. I had so much fun going for Stand Up Paddling and  floating in the mangrove forest. Floating activity involves floating at the Mida Creek in between mangroves on a low tide as the water current in the mangroves flows you effortlessly into the sea. It was totally relaxing.

Also, I got the opportunity to learn how to use a stand up paddle which makes Watamu Treehouse forever stuck in my memory.

The Pool

The stunning swimming pool at Watamu Treehouse has a cute artificial waterfall spring, a swinging bed and hammock chair. The yin-yang is centrally curved beautifully to symbolize positive energy and hope. Chilling with a good book & smoothie and swimming by the swimming pool gets you on full relaxation mode.


The Beach

A 3minute walk to the beach through the narrow sandy beach path leads you to the clean white pristine beach and clear crystal blue water that make such stunning waves. Very safe to walk on as it is secure away from Beach Boys. The flag to Treehouse guides you for direction from the beach. Blue symbolizes the sky, green the mangroves n white the sand.

Life Lesson: Ensure that everything you do or create in life has essence and meaning to it.


Enjoy Watamu Treehouse! Detoxify and Recharge! Cheers!

Until next time Peaches!



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Let’s SUP! Shall We? – My Stand Up Paddling Experience and Yoga On Water!

Happy Jamhuri day Peaches. I have a plan for you depending on how spontaneous you can be. Water sports to be specific.

If you enjoy exercise, know how to swim and are comfortable in the water, then Stand Up Paddling or Supping is going to be fun for you! Basically, a stand up paddle is much thicker than a surfboard.

My Stand Up Paddling Experience


We left Watamu Treehouse (Watamu, Kenya) in the morning at 9 ish using a tuktuk for when the tide was quite low, heading to the beach ready for our Stand Up Paddling trip.

Our lead guide who was the only guide for us, Kingi, was waiting by the shore of the beach with stand up paddle boards and paddles to give each of us safely. We were a group of six, including Paul, who is the owner of Watamu Treehouse. I had already met Barbara at Treehouse and we had bonded quite well so it was exciting to be on the same group with her. She’s from Amsterdam. Full of energy and a social butterfly like me. Actually, we had planned it! Also, I met the rest of our guests at Watamu Treehouse: Aisha, Tiki and Rosalind.



After a quick introduction, Kingi carefully gave each of us in turns, SUP paddle boards and paddles for paddling, quickly giving us basic instructions: kneel on the board with your back straight, feet forward, legs slightly apart, paddle out, find your balance and always stand on the middle of the paddle board. Also, he showed us the right way of holding the paddle. When my turn reached, he gave me a hand to stand on the SUP paddle board and when I managed to get on it, he tied a Velcro strap tightly around my ankle as an sup leash, to keep the paddle board firmly attached. Starting off on my knees, in literally baby steps, I compassed myself in the middle of the paddle board for buoyancy as I pulled myself up to a standing position. Kingi helped me size my paddle on the longer side for flat water use and the shorter side for use in the surf. The blade is bent at a slight angle to the shaft to allow for more forward reach when taking a stroke. The reason for this I was told was for security purposes, so that it can stay firm with me if by any chance strong waves, currents or winds occur or if I bump into mangroves by accident. So it wouldn’t swim away!

D781DF49-39EB-4A65-B634-D5BB4160A030Let’s paddle away shall we?! We were ready to paddle on the calm blue water and so was the scorching sun! Ready as ever! Thankfully, we all had applied plenty of sunscreen on our faces, necks, arms, legs and feet. Basically any part of our skin that was exposed to the fiery sun. However, I should have carried a hat damnit! But the sun never bothered me anyway. So we set ourselves in one column on the sea water facing the sea heading towards the mangroves.


My feet were pointed forward and slightly apart, bending my knees a little with my back straight while keeping my shoulders and head up and eyes sharply looking forward. This stance helped me to shift my weight through my knees and hips for balance.

It was relatively easy to get a hang of it to the point that I felt like I had mastered the watercraft. Within minutes, I was gliding on the water paddling like a pro, turning with sharp strokes and speeding doing all the tricks I was taught in 5 minutes. “Okay show off!” Paul scoffed. If you are a fast learner and quite fit, you will get a hang of it in a short span. Paddling is like rowing a boat standing on a paddle board. In small but wide strokes, you reach out with your paddle to the front of the board and push all the way to the tail in a sweeping arc. Likewise to the left and you can adjust your speed by speeding with wide strokes and slowing down with small strokes. To turn, that was the most energetic moment because I needed to reach to the front in clockwise motions until I turned left as I leaned and twisted slightly to direct the board to the left. And anti-clockwise to turn right. I was having the best time on the water. Also, we would talk to each other as we got to know more about each other while paddling.

Stand Up Paddling Through Mida Creek Mangroves Channel


Eventually, we were all scattered on the sea some were further ahead, some behind, but we finally got to meet each other near the mangroves channel in Mida creek where we paddled enjoying the view of the lush green mangroves.


Now that was a challenge because since the mangrove channel is narrow, a wrong stroke, you hit a mangrove. And they are injurious! Trust me, I should know! My cockiness got me into one and my leg got cut until blood oozed out. Thank God it wasn’t a deep cut though. However, that did not stop me from paddling, but I boarded back onto the stand up paddle board and got to my balancing position, this time taking smaller strokes and being more careful.

Yoga Stand Up Paddling Session

Exhausted, we took a snack break as we parked our paddle boards and stand up paddles. We were sorted with peanut butter rolls, popcorn and water.


Once we were done resting and quenching our thirst, we went back to the water only to find our paddle boards towed by Kingi attached to each other in one long row. Therefore, we all took our balancing positions on our SUP boards.


It was Yoga time!!!!! Oh yes! Yoga at the sea! Just how cool is that???!!!! That was the most intense yet therapeutic exercise I did on that day. Our yoga instructor guided as we followed suit to his instructions. We did a couple of yoga stands, stretches, and positions. I fell on one position called tree pose, where you stand on one leg while the other leg bends in acute angle, foot touching the knee and hands in a praying position. Asha did her stance perfectly with her hands stretched like a bird. Jelous!


I failed terribly and within seconds I flopped into the water. I definitely did not fall with style like Tiki! Ay! Ay! Captain Morgan!!!


Of course I hopped right back on my SUP board to finish the yoga session. It was so relaxing as we closed our eyes meditating hearing all the sounds and vibrations of the sea. Frogs croaking. flies buzzing, breeze and waves sounds moving in slow motions. I will describe it in one word – MAGICAL!


Yoga marked the end of our Stand Up paddling. Relaxing our muscles and minds. Going back, we were towed by a speed boat all of us grabbing so firmly onto our SUPs while sleeping on it this time, as though holding onto our dear life. It was one of the most exciting thrill in experiences I’ve had in the sea.

You should try it out. It doesn’t have to be morning hours. There are evening sessions too!! For sundowners. It’s so calm and therapeutic, paddling while the sun sets giving you first hand beautiful views.

The choice is all yours. You can check with WatamuTreehouse in Watamu, Tribe Watersports, or any watersports center near you. But make it a plan if not today, any other day during this December holiday! Enjoy supping!

Live a little Peaches.

Live| Love | Laugh

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Safari Blue Tour Watamu~ Dolphins All Over!

Welcome back to my blog Peaches. Allow me to introduce to you Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris in Watamu, Kenya. Currently, I am partnering with them in their tours and safaris adventures. Excited to get this opportunity to explore our beautiful Kenya. Hoping that you will also hop onto the safari bandwagon with us this December holiday and enjoy the attractive safari packages offered. Happy holidays!!


Let me throw it back to that fine Sunday in Watamu about two weeks ago where I had one of the best dolphin views, courtesy of Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris.

I woke up really early at around 6:30 a.m. and was at Marine National Park in Watamu  by 8:00 a.m. for the Safari Blue tour; sea excursion package. I was looking forward to snorkeling, swimming with  dolphins, island hopping, and oh yes! Sea Food!

Sea excursion checklist:


  1. Your National ID
  2. Phone
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Hat + Sunnies
  5. Dry bath towel / sarong/ kikoy
  6. Swim suit
  7. Underwater Camera
  8. Waterproof bag

And you are good to go!

Moreso, I would advice you to wear something light and put on some comfy sandals because of the scorching sun, for the temperatures rise up to 31 degrees no kidding! For me, I wore my light jumpsuit; jumpsuits are my lazy-on-the-go outfits. Conversely, a summer dress would be perfect too!

We were a group of approximately 23 people. I knew none of them so it was a good opportunity to socialize. Some were from Nairobi, some from Mombasa and others from, of course, Italy. Italians are the tourists majority in Watamu.


The tide at that time was low so it was easier to hop onto our double-decker boat called Seahorse. We embarked on our sea excursion tour as our captain switched on the boat engine and sped deep into the crystal clear blue sea looking for dolphins. The boat ride was quite wavy with a stunning view of the ocean that I cannot get enough of! Absolutely beautiful!

We had to go deeper into the ocean to find the beautiful mammals. Dolphins have a way of playing hide and seek hiding underwater beneath us and next thing we knew, a whole pod of dolphins surfaced right in front of us!


I hopped up on the upper deck of the boat for a wider angle view and it was amazing. That was definitely my lucky day for sure because we could effortlessly spot them! All ten of them, what?! Their magical presence got me so excited like a kid every time they jumped or teased us while showing off their fins as they swam in synchronization as though they were dancing to the beat of some sea music. I was so tempted to swim with them, but it was too deep and my paranoia kicked in as usual.


After spending 15-20 minutes chasing after dolphins, the fiery sun had toasted us and we needed a swim to cool us off! So the captain drove us back to shallow waters where the tide was still quite low, safe for snorkeling. See how handy my jumpsuit came in? I just had to remove it one time without any hustle, well, I had my swim suit on of course. Without wasting time, I wore my snorkeling mask and h20 snorkel pipe and dived into the sea with a splash.


Dipping my toasted body in the warm sea water was exhilarating! I floated so lightly while snorkeling, enjoying a magnificent view of the underwater sea treasure. Including beautiful corals, shells, anemones, zebra fish, blue fish and clown fish.



Once I was satisfied with snorkeling, I hopped back onto Seahorse with the rest of the guests, dried myself with my towel and wore short jeans and a light cotton   vest ready for Sudi Island.

Up on the deck, I sat next to a slender Italian looking gentleman who was also from snorkeling, quite good looking I must say.

“Hello, I am Diego. What’s your name?”

His English was slightly broken. I had to struggle with ‘pardons’ and ‘excuse mes’ but I got to understand him eventually.

Me: Oh! My name is Habiba. Pleasure!

Diego: So you’re Kenyan?

Me: Yes! Yourself? (I could already pick from his accent, but to keep the conversation going, I asked) Italian?

Diego: Yes, smart girl! I am from Italy.

Me: That’s good to know. So where in Italy are you from? And do you have such dolphin excursions in Italy? Also, what do you call dolphins in your language? I find Italian language quite interesting and I wouldn’t mind learning a word or two.

Diego: I’m from Rome, the city of love.

“Mhh.. smooth!” I thought to myself.

Me: Wow! Rome is beautiful and  I’d like to go there someday.

Diego: You should, and we do have dolphins around the sea side. Dolphin in Italian is similar to English, dolphini.

Me: That’s great. Easy to remember huh. And how do you say thank you?

Diego: Grazie

Me: (with my African accent) Grazie Diego!

Diego: Ah, (laughs) bene! bene! (Good, good).

Feeling proud of myself, I smiled and turned my head to the sea view, and immediately got captured by the beautiful mangroves, villages, hotels and boats that I saw on our way to Sudi Island. The breeze was refreshing as water splashed due to the speed of the boat cutting through the massive waves. I was just swooned by the sea breeze and sea vibrations, unapologetically living in the moment.

Alas! The boat came to a halt and parked on the shore of Sudi island. That was when I snapped out of my relaxed zone as the captain gave us a hand assisting us out of Seahorse.


Sudi island just like I had described in my previous Watamu blog post, is chilled with a spectacular sea view and grilling corner for all sea foods; Lobster, toasted bread, fish and prawns.



Also, there are locals who sell handcrafted Maasai ornaments, wood paintings, and handmade bracelets made from mangrove seeds to sustain themselves.


Lunch was ready so we sat on cemented benches carpeted with snow white sand. We were served with a plate of rice & coconut curry along with a separate plate of grilled lobster, prawns, and fish. Downing the delicious meal with soda and water.

As I was eating, I started making conversation with the people sitting next to me. This quiet girl that I recalled sitting on the upper decker posing to her photographer for pictures while I was snorkeling, was sitted next to me together with her photographer. And there was another guy with Bajuni features seated across me, his name slipped off my mind. Man! I’m so bad with names. He was actually impressively good with Italian that he was teaching us a few Italian words like poko poko which means slowly slowly.

The girl’s name was Asha. And guess what? She is a vlogger from Nairobi  (Asha Wairimu ) We exchanged social media user names as we talked about how beautiful Watamu is and how much we were enjoying ourselves. She later asked me to join them for a canoe ride that they were planning to go for into the Mida Creek after lunch. It was just an extra Kshs. 200 so I said why not?! I’m always up for some new banging adventures. Therefore, she definitely asked the right person!


Once lunch was over, we entered the canoe about 7 of us including our captain, positioning ourselves to balance. Our captain used a long wooden stick to ride our canoe through the Mida Creek mangroves as he educated us briefly about mangroves plantation, and how the Watamu community is helping to conserve them.


While we were about to turn back, another canoe passed by us on its way back with four cheerful Italian ladies and their captain singing Italian song Bella Ciao  .


We made merry while singing bella ciao all the way back to the island, right in time for our trip back to Watamu island. Indeed, that was an enjoyable canoe ride!

Our Seahorse captain joined with a few others in Seahorse, singing his lungs out, drumming and entertaining us with cheerful Swahili songs as we cheered on till we arrived at our destination.

We alighted the boat and said goodbye to each other. I left feeling happy and beat at the same time.

It was a fun experience! Check out Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris on Instagram. Dm, email, and call for the Safari Blue tour and other attractive safari packages. Thank me later!

Meet new people, make new friends and live a little Peaches!



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What You Missed Out On Farhana Oberson’s Pop Up Shop!


Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop was hosted in Nyali, Mombasa at City Blue Creekside Hotel on Sunday, last weekend by Farhana Oberson. Launching her clothline, Farhana Oberson Clothing.


Farhana Oberson is an award winning Kenyan youtuber based in Mombasa, making awesome live travel and lifestyle videos (vlogs) of all the beautiful places she visits, events, cool adventure trips, food, and fashion. A close friend too! Her fans are her Rafikis and through that she has a strong supportive Rafiki squad. (You’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t already know).


Personally, I commend her modest, unique and trendy style. Based on her exquisite taste in clothes, her clothing collection is fabulous. Farhana Oberson Clothing niche is specifically young girls and women – modesty fashion. Sizes range from 38-46.  Moreso, she stocked a few of each pieces to avoid uniformity because everyone likes to feel unique in their own style. Furthermore, I believe that it is how you style your outfit that makes you stand out.

Farhana’s pop up shop needed a team to help her with setting the shop up. We came in really early at around 10:30 a.m. at the rooftop of City Blue Creekside Hotel to assist her in setting up the closets, shelves, clothes racks, carpets, hangers, hanging the clothes and setting up the changing room with separator boards and mirrors. It was bags on bags so of course she could use a hand. Plus, what are friends for? We were a team of 8 friends and her younger sister, joined in later to help with registration. Soumaya also helped majorly with attending to Farhana’s Rafikis at the paying counter. Rara In The Kitchen  came through with her mouth watering cupcakes as snacks for Rafikis and photography by Jammy.

Clothes showcased at Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop were a variety including casual, semi-casual, and fancy evening dresses. In detail, her clothing collection comprise floral printed dresses and skirts, pleated pants, jeans, kimonos, coats, tops and blazers.


And also cute funny packs of different colors.

A lot of people from Mombasa showed up at her pop up shop, majority being young girls and women. All of her Rafikis were ecstatic to see Farhana Oberson. They showed her love by taking selfies and mingling with her, complementing her clothes designs while shopping until they dropped, satisfied with their fabulous choices.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my pick. Her nude high waist ribbon pants collection was my favorite. They fit so perfectly hence I did not take them off once I tried them on.


Since she is promoting modesty fashion, all her clothes are long sleeved with full coverage. That’s perfect for Mombasa women because majority of the people living in the coast of Mombasa, where I come from, are Muslims and practice modesty fashion wearing mostly abayas and scarfs therefore her clothline is very convenient because sometimes you just want to wear a decent dress that will complement your scarf when you’re in a hurry or need to spice your outfit a little. However, with her online store, women from different cities and countries are welcomed to shop.

On her online Instagram clothline store – Farhanaobersonclothing – she models her own clothes which to be honest just look perfect on her like they were custom made for her.

Sweet of her to give each of us her team members shopping vouchers for giving her a helping hand. Farhana Oberson, you are a total sweetheart with a fierce attitude towards life and for this, you will prosper in life. I wish you all the success in the world. Super proud of you. You go girl!

Yours Loving Peaches,


Live | Love | Laugh

Photograph Credits: Jammy Eljabry a.k.a. Life In Mombasa

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