Safari Blue Tour Watamu~ Dolphins All Over!

Welcome back to my blog Peaches. Allow me to introduce to you Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris in Watamu, Kenya. Currently, I am partnering with them in their tours and safaris adventures. Excited to get this opportunity to explore our beautiful Kenya. Hoping that you will also hop onto the safari bandwagon with us this December holiday and enjoy the attractive safari packages offered. Happy holidays!!


Let me throw it back to that fine Sunday in Watamu about two weeks ago where I had one of the best dolphin views, courtesy of Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris.

I woke up really early at around 6:30 a.m. and was at Marine National Park in Watamu  by 8:00 a.m. for the Safari Blue tour; sea excursion package. I was looking forward to snorkeling, swimming with  dolphins, island hopping, and oh yes! Sea Food!

Sea excursion checklist:


  1. Your National ID
  2. Phone
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Hat + Sunnies
  5. Dry bath towel / sarong/ kikoy
  6. Swim suit
  7. Underwater Camera
  8. Waterproof bag

And you are good to go!

Moreso, I would advice you to wear something light and put on some comfy sandals because of the scorching sun, for the temperatures rise up to 31 degrees no kidding! For me, I wore my light jumpsuit; jumpsuits are my lazy-on-the-go outfits. Conversely, a summer dress would be perfect too!

We were a group of approximately 23 people. I knew none of them so it was a good opportunity to socialize. Some were from Nairobi, some from Mombasa and others from, of course, Italy. Italians are the tourists majority in Watamu.


The tide at that time was low so it was easier to hop onto our double-decker boat called Seahorse. We embarked on our sea excursion tour as our captain switched on the boat engine and sped deep into the crystal clear blue sea looking for dolphins. The boat ride was quite wavy with a stunning view of the ocean that I cannot get enough of! Absolutely beautiful!

We had to go deeper into the ocean to find the beautiful mammals. Dolphins have a way of playing hide and seek hiding underwater beneath us and next thing we knew, a whole pod of dolphins surfaced right in front of us!


I hopped up on the upper deck of the boat for a wider angle view and it was amazing. That was definitely my lucky day for sure because we could effortlessly spot them! All ten of them, what?! Their magical presence got me so excited like a kid every time they jumped or teased us while showing off their fins as they swam in synchronization as though they were dancing to the beat of some sea music. I was so tempted to swim with them, but it was too deep and my paranoia kicked in as usual.


After spending 15-20 minutes chasing after dolphins, the fiery sun had toasted us and we needed a swim to cool us off! So the captain drove us back to shallow waters where the tide was still quite low, safe for snorkeling. See how handy my jumpsuit came in? I just had to remove it one time without any hustle, well, I had my swim suit on of course. Without wasting time, I wore my snorkeling mask and h20 snorkel pipe and dived into the sea with a splash.


Dipping my toasted body in the warm sea water was exhilarating! I floated so lightly while snorkeling, enjoying a magnificent view of the underwater sea treasure. Including beautiful corals, shells, anemones, zebra fish, blue fish and clown fish.



Once I was satisfied with snorkeling, I hopped back onto Seahorse with the rest of the guests, dried myself with my towel and wore short jeans and a light cotton   vest ready for Sudi Island.

Up on the deck, I sat next to a slender Italian looking gentleman who was also from snorkeling, quite good looking I must say.

“Hello, I am Diego. What’s your name?”

His English was slightly broken. I had to struggle with ‘pardons’ and ‘excuse mes’ but I got to understand him eventually.

Me: Oh! My name is Habiba. Pleasure!

Diego: So you’re Kenyan?

Me: Yes! Yourself? (I could already pick from his accent, but to keep the conversation going, I asked) Italian?

Diego: Yes, smart girl! I am from Italy.

Me: That’s good to know. So where in Italy are you from? And do you have such dolphin excursions in Italy? Also, what do you call dolphins in your language? I find Italian language quite interesting and I wouldn’t mind learning a word or two.

Diego: I’m from Rome, the city of love.

“Mhh.. smooth!” I thought to myself.

Me: Wow! Rome is beautiful and  I’d like to go there someday.

Diego: You should, and we do have dolphins around the sea side. Dolphin in Italian is similar to English, dolphini.

Me: That’s great. Easy to remember huh. And how do you say thank you?

Diego: Grazie

Me: (with my African accent) Grazie Diego!

Diego: Ah, (laughs) bene! bene! (Good, good).

Feeling proud of myself, I smiled and turned my head to the sea view, and immediately got captured by the beautiful mangroves, villages, hotels and boats that I saw on our way to Sudi Island. The breeze was refreshing as water splashed due to the speed of the boat cutting through the massive waves. I was just swooned by the sea breeze and sea vibrations, unapologetically living in the moment.

Alas! The boat came to a halt and parked on the shore of Sudi island. That was when I snapped out of my relaxed zone as the captain gave us a hand assisting us out of Seahorse.


Sudi island just like I had described in my previous Watamu blog post, is chilled with a spectacular sea view and grilling corner for all sea foods; Lobster, toasted bread, fish and prawns.



Also, there are locals who sell handcrafted Maasai ornaments, wood paintings, and handmade bracelets made from mangrove seeds to sustain themselves.


Lunch was ready so we sat on cemented benches carpeted with snow white sand. We were served with a plate of rice & coconut curry along with a separate plate of grilled lobster, prawns, and fish. Downing the delicious meal with soda and water.

As I was eating, I started making conversation with the people sitting next to me. This quiet girl that I recalled sitting on the upper decker posing to her photographer for pictures while I was snorkeling, was sitted next to me together with her photographer. And there was another guy with Bajuni features seated across me, his name slipped off my mind. Man! I’m so bad with names. He was actually impressively good with Italian that he was teaching us a few Italian words like poko poko which means slowly slowly.

The girl’s name was Asha. And guess what? She is a vlogger from Nairobi  (Asha Wairimu ) We exchanged social media user names as we talked about how beautiful Watamu is and how much we were enjoying ourselves. She later asked me to join them for a canoe ride that they were planning to go for into the Mida Creek after lunch. It was just an extra Kshs. 200 so I said why not?! I’m always up for some new banging adventures. Therefore, she definitely asked the right person!


Once lunch was over, we entered the canoe about 7 of us including our captain, positioning ourselves to balance. Our captain used a long wooden stick to ride our canoe through the Mida Creek mangroves as he educated us briefly about mangroves plantation, and how the Watamu community is helping to conserve them.


While we were about to turn back, another canoe passed by us on its way back with four cheerful Italian ladies and their captain singing Italian song Bella Ciao  .


We made merry while singing bella ciao all the way back to the island, right in time for our trip back to Watamu island. Indeed, that was an enjoyable canoe ride!

Our Seahorse captain joined with a few others in Seahorse, singing his lungs out, drumming and entertaining us with cheerful Swahili songs as we cheered on till we arrived at our destination.

We alighted the boat and said goodbye to each other. I left feeling happy and beat at the same time.

It was a fun experience! Check out Watamu Transfer Tours and Safaris on Instagram. Dm, email, and call for the Safari Blue tour and other attractive safari packages. Thank me later!

Meet new people, make new friends and live a little Peaches!



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What You Missed Out On Farhana Oberson’s Pop Up Shop!


Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop was hosted in Nyali, Mombasa at City Blue Creekside Hotel on Sunday, last weekend by Farhana Oberson. Launching her clothline, Farhana Oberson Clothing.


Farhana Oberson is an award winning Kenyan youtuber based in Mombasa, making awesome live travel and lifestyle videos (vlogs) of all the beautiful places she visits, events, cool adventure trips, food, and fashion. A close friend too! Her fans are her Rafikis and through that she has a strong supportive Rafiki squad. (You’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t already know).


Personally, I commend her modest, unique and trendy style. Based on her exquisite taste in clothes, her clothing collection is fabulous. Farhana Oberson Clothing niche is specifically young girls and women – modesty fashion. Sizes range from 38-46.  Moreso, she stocked a few of each pieces to avoid uniformity because everyone likes to feel unique in their own style. Furthermore, I believe that it is how you style your outfit that makes you stand out.

Farhana’s pop up shop needed a team to help her with setting the shop up. We came in really early at around 10:30 a.m. at the rooftop of City Blue Creekside Hotel to assist her in setting up the closets, shelves, clothes racks, carpets, hangers, hanging the clothes and setting up the changing room with separator boards and mirrors. It was bags on bags so of course she could use a hand. Plus, what are friends for? We were a team of 8 friends and her younger sister, joined in later to help with registration. Soumaya also helped majorly with attending to Farhana’s Rafikis at the paying counter. Rara In The Kitchen  came through with her mouth watering cupcakes as snacks for Rafikis and photography by Jammy.

Clothes showcased at Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop were a variety including casual, semi-casual, and fancy evening dresses. In detail, her clothing collection comprise floral printed dresses and skirts, pleated pants, jeans, kimonos, coats, tops and blazers.


And also cute funny packs of different colors.

A lot of people from Mombasa showed up at her pop up shop, majority being young girls and women. All of her Rafikis were ecstatic to see Farhana Oberson. They showed her love by taking selfies and mingling with her, complementing her clothes designs while shopping until they dropped, satisfied with their fabulous choices.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my pick. Her nude high waist ribbon pants collection was my favorite. They fit so perfectly hence I did not take them off once I tried them on.


Since she is promoting modesty fashion, all her clothes are long sleeved with full coverage. That’s perfect for Mombasa women because majority of the people living in the coast of Mombasa, where I come from, are Muslims and practice modesty fashion wearing mostly abayas and scarfs therefore her clothline is very convenient because sometimes you just want to wear a decent dress that will complement your scarf when you’re in a hurry or need to spice your outfit a little. However, with her online store, women from different cities and countries are welcomed to shop.

On her online Instagram clothline store – Farhanaobersonclothing – she models her own clothes which to be honest just look perfect on her like they were custom made for her.

Sweet of her to give each of us her team members shopping vouchers for giving her a helping hand. Farhana Oberson, you are a total sweetheart with a fierce attitude towards life and for this, you will prosper in life. I wish you all the success in the world. Super proud of you. You go girl!

Yours Loving Peaches,


Live | Love | Laugh

Photograph Credits: Jammy Eljabry a.k.a. Life In Mombasa

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Fashion Friday O’clock! How To Wear An Ankara Jacket.

Welcome back to my blog Peaches. It’s Fashion Friday o’clock! I’m in the mood of an Afro-centric fashion post.

Ankara fashion has gradually dominated the international fashion industry due to its colorful and unique prints that make any outfit pop! African prints have become trendy through creatively redefining Ankara materials into unique modern chic outfit designs depending on how creative you and your tailor can be. In this case, tailors are our heroes.

Presumably, we all own an Ankara piece somewhere in our closet. Whether it’s a dress, blazer, coat, accessory, shoe, you name it! Furthermore, it’s so satisfying to see the Ankara material revolutionize into urban chic designs like peplum tops, off shoulder tops, swimsuits, tuxedos, freakum dresses, handbags, to name a few! 

What made me wear my Ankara jacket you ask? Rotary UNDay in Nairobi after party theme was: ‘A splash of colour with a touch of Africa’. On the 10th of November, just recently, I had attended Rotary UNDay in Nairobi at the United Nations (Youth Innovation) but after the day event, I was too beat to go for the after-party! Since I had missed out on the Rotary-UNDay after-party, I decided to wear my Ankara outfit on Monday after recharging on Sunday resting my exhausted body from the previous night’s long travel and nursing my sore feet thanks to my heels that I had worn all day Saturday at the UN event, hence the reason why I could not make it for the after-party; my body demanded rest, my apologies! After all, you do not have to wait for any special occasion to slay, being alive is the occasion! Agreed?

77BC5B5B-1809-48A8-8888-F4A02FE26438Ankara jacket outfit: I decided to mix and match my black top, yummy red pants and black heels outfit with a touch of Ankara material bought from my girl  Zuri Ankara. My sleeveless Ankara jacket was tailored by my good tailor James in Nairobi. I personally gave him my customized design.


Front Design



Back Print

The Ankara’s black, yellow, blue and red prints combo makes you have a wide range of creative outfit ideas and colors to pair with. Preferably, stick to those colors. Plus we all know that you can never go wrong with black.

My black short-sleeved stretchy top is from Woolworths. I love Woolworths tops because of the high quality material that is durable and never fades, if at all hardly. Good thing with such plain stretchy tops is that you can pair them with so many outfits. Coats, jeans e.t.c. and can rewear as many times as you’d like.

My red pants from Mr. Price in Nairobi are pretty old but look new because I had never worn them since I bought them a year ago. They’re a perfect fit and cut! My heels from primark are my favorite design. They do hide unpedicured toe nails and give an outfit an edgy look. Them cat eye sunnies are LIFE! So sassy!

In a nutshell, I would say that my style is chic and simple with a touch of class; ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ 


FYI I get really anxious in front of the camera.


Until I get comfortable with the spotlight and miss fierce comes out!

EBB5F622-02D4-436C-9836-DFCDD1357A89‘Life’s too short, make every hair flip fabulous!’ Flip that braids hair. Stay un-bothered. Mind your own bidness. Drink water!

And slay!


Top: Woolworths

Shoes: Primark

Pants: Mr. Price

Cateye Sunnies:  StarsJoaillere

Ankara Material: Zuri Ankara

Live a little Peaches. 

Live | Love | Laugh









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Halloween 2018. How It Went Down!

Halloween fun season is finally over Peaches! Not to mention, it was my first Halloween make up ever. To be honest, I just wanted to have fun with Halloween make up, nothing more. So I requested Makeup Artist Makeupbyshahistar for a Halloween blog collaboration and her sweet self consented to it. Have you checked her page out? Shahista is a professional Makeup Artist/Blogger     based in Mombasa blessed with exquisite make up skills. Her creativity is out of this world.

Our Halloween theme was a cool gangsta squad in the woods. Since it had been raining cats and dogs in Coast for one week prior to our meet up on Sunday – 28th Oct, we were praying for the sun to shine in our favor and thankfully it did! That Sunday morning, we met at Forest Trail in Mombasa for the Halloween makeup shoot.  It was our first time meeting out of the ‘Instagram world’ – She is such a sweetheart. However, I was so surprised to meet Aliya who is a mutual friend – one of her close friends and a high school friend to me. All along I had thought that she was in Dubai, where she debuted as a professional Makeup Artist/Vlogger and is going strong! Therefore it was a reunion for us.

Both Shahista and Aliya were Halloween ready when I met them as they had creatively done their cool scary clown makeup while waiting for me in the car since I was coming from Malindi that morning. Without wasting time, Shahista did my Halloween make up in the car for literally five minutes. Well, it was different for me but I loved the creativity!


We all wore checked cotton t-shirts and denim jeans. Aliya tied her hair in two buns, Shahista tied a bandana as a hair accessory and I wore a beret hat from StarsJoaillere to keep it a little G!

We had to buy tickets Kshs. 250 each to get access into the Forest Trail where we found cool spots for taking pictures. Aliya set up her camera and mounted it to her tripod stand for a successful  photography. It came in handy as the photography session was effortless. We were just freestyling our poses and adding some sass into the Halloween look. It was so much fun and the pictures came out amazing!

976D2926-89B6-4EAC-A601-2A1F7FFDD9F4B6C19121-0056-468A-AEA1-A9407C5ACA3FE9B3F756-5279-417C-9BA2-BE3BC49E3FAC7B809FA1-0F6C-4283-AED5-EC03D0617249935FDEEC-4570-45E9-80C9-40C2AB801A5CE1BA61DE-CEE7-4FB2-A929-6272FA62A51C154B1022-CC3A-47A4-B147-09DC5E79378A9DB6AE26-6854-42F7-AD98-E3C29FB73895F9F2825E-1EE3-4EDF-ACB3-846513F3D2E3Gangsta Squad!

How I had the energy to make it back to Malindi on that same day, it beats me too! Anywho, I was in Malindi on time for a Halloween party that my younger cousin Aunt Ella, had invited me at Ocean Beach Resort & Spa. I mean.. what’s the point of Halloween without a party anyways?

Actually, what motivated me to attend this specific Halloween party was because  it was for a good cause – to give back to the community – specifically dedicated to entertain orphans from God Our Father Childrens Home in Watamu. All kids looked so ecstatic and cheerful swimming, dancing, eating, playing games, enjoying Halloween face paint, and making merry.  Muziq Reborn a group of young talented music artists who are changing the game in Malindi, featuring other Kenyan Music Artists, all performed and mingled with the crowd of which involved a lot of youngsters – cool kids of Malindi – and the Kids from the Childrens  Home of course. I found that so touching, striking admiration towards Muziqreborn for dedicating their time, talent, and energy to perform and spend time with the lovely kids. Plus I have to say, 🆒 kids do know how to  have fun hey! All in all, it was a cheerful Halloween Party! 🎃






Live a little and have fun Peaches!

Live | Love| Laugh

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Has Come To An End But Awareness Never Stops!

Pink October has been breast cancer awareness month because it is the most notorious cancer affecting women worldwide.

Have you gone for screening? I am not just calling out to women, but men too. Even though women are at a higher risk of breast cancer, men too in rare occasions, do get breast cancer and it is nothing to be ashamed of. You should be alarmed if you feel any strange lump in your breast and should check it asap.  It might just be a fatty lump or a cyst but then again it might not so you shouldn’t ignore.  Have you gotten them checked during Pink October? If not, then what are you waiting for? You definitely should. The earlier the detection the faster and less painful the treatment and not to scare you (or myself) but also the higher the survival rate. Make it a routine as you can test any day all year round.

Check for any signs as the picture below. But also get screened by a Health Professional. Early detection saves lives.


Community volunteering is a selfless act that we as a community need to take part in to promote humanity and improve quality of living. It was an honor attending the Annual Cancer Walk Campaign  that was held on 14th October by the Rotaract Club of Malindi which is a non-profit Organization and partner of the Rotary Club of Malindi. The campaign was organized by Rotaract Club of Malindi Organizing Committee Members: Medical Officer Dr. Michelle who is the President and Clinical Officer Dr. Wejes who is the Community Service Director.

Last year, the club deemed it necessary to take up the responsibility of raising awareness on cancer as its signature project in the medical field. The program is dubbed MWOC (Mashinani War on Cancer). This was so owing to the effects of cancer experienced on the community in Malindi and its environs. (Excerpt derived from Rotaract Club Malindi

Seeing a good number of people of different ages and both men and women walking to support the worthy cause was moving. The brilliant theme this year was WE CANCERvive!

In summary, it was eventful filled with energetic volunteers who cheerfully completed the charity walk, entertainment, performance from talented kids, and heartfelt speeches from cancer survivors. Additionally, Medical Oncologist Dr. Riaz Kasmani, gave a health  talk joined by Hon. Dr. Anisa Omar, CECM of Health, Kilifi County. Also,  free breast, cervical and  prostate cancers screening was incorporated at the campaign. Finally, cake cutting marked the end of the campaign.

The Rotaract Club of Malindi is doing a great job creating cancer awareness as part of their cancer prevention and treatment scheme. They deal with breast and cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. In addition, Rotaract Club of Malindi helps create cancer awareness through charity walk campaigns, encouraging youth to join community based programs in schools, and giving back to society through starting up cancer patients support groups, procuring medicine for cancer patients using their acquired donations from donors, sponsors and the club harambees whereby donated money is collected and saved in their cancer kitty for their cancer patients. Also, they do frequent follow ups and check ups on their cancer patients for health and emotional support. I am humbled to be a part of their initiative.

In as much as Rotaract Club of Malindi helps with medical funds, they also encourage cancer patients to get health insurance – NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) cards – so as to access quality and affordable health services in the most seamless manner.

Check Rotaract Club of Malindi blog page for more information. Rotaract Club Malindi

Here are a few written speeches from breast cancer and other cancer survivors, some of whom are close family, friends, and families of friends. The main goal is to create awareness through their cancer battle.

Maria John;

“Early in 2011, I had a terrible discomforting pain on one of my breasts so I went to the hospital to get it checked. I did a mammogram and that’s when I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease whereby every tissue in my breast was inflamed, of which I was warned that it would lead to breast cancer. So the only solution was to cut both my breasts as both were affected. That was the toughest decision of my life but after consulting my family and getting emotional support from them, it gave me motivation to go ahead with the operation. Coincidentally after cutting both my breasts, tests came through that cancer was detected (only that it hadn’t spread from the milk ducts) known as DCIS Grade 2 – Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). It was the toughest time of my life. It lowers your self esteem as a woman no matter how old you are. It emotionally, mentally, physically and financially drains you and you need a strong support system to survive which is my family that I am thankful for. Although I was given the choice of going for reconstruction, I choose not to. However, every year I do a bone-scan routine check up for clarity purposes.

To add on to this, I would suggest to people that if you have someone in your family suffering from cancer, that should already give you the warning and courage to do routine cancer checks because cancer is also a hereditary disease. I am saying this because my Mother was also diagnosed with cancer a few months back and I lost my grandfather some years back to breast cancer. Therefore, men also should be screened for breast cancer as it does not only affect women.

Marian Thaddee Bockle

“It was sometime back in 2013 when I felt a lump in my left breast and it disturbed the peace of my mind. Even though I was given diagnosis from 2 Doctors that it was nothing serious, my gut feeling told me to go for a 3rd opinion where I had to do a biopsy. And that was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart dropped. I cannot explain how devastating the news was for me to take it in. The good news was that the cancer was on its early stage. The bad news was that I had to get my  left breast operated. It was the toughest decision but I had to because it was a life or death situation.

I did my first operation at Pandya Hospital and had to go through chemotherapy which is oh so painful and 30 sessions of radiotherapy 30 days of the month each 45 minutes. After the treatment I was cancer free!

6 years down the line, my right breast developed cancer. I found out through Breast Co. Foundation Mombasa of which I am a member. They offer free screening which was routine for me. I was saddened to hear  about the news and had to go through another operation and the same hospital  processes.

Breast cancer is no joke. My skin and nails turned black, my hair fell, I frequently fell ill and get weak and lose tons of weight. Treatment is expensive but I am grateful until this moment for the strong support that I get from first Allah, my family and close friends who have made it easier. Also, NHIF has helped me in reducing my hospital bills. However, NHIF would be more effective if they covered full radiotherapy expenses as it is so expensive. Also, Mombasa is highly in need of a radiotherapy service center because Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi is not as efficient and so we have to go to private hospitals which are expensive. Not only that but also because it drains you more as a sick person and adds extra expenses to medical bills like accommodation and transport since it is only in Nairobi that radiotherapy is offered.

One advice I would like to give to everyone especially women and young girls. Join breast cancer awareness groups, educate yourselves, remove the stigma and always make it a habit to do a monthly or yearly routine check. And once you find out that you have cancer – hypothetically – do not be in denial. Accept it and start treatment immediately without wasting time. May Allah bless you all.”

Lynn Kasinga

“My grandma was diagnosed with cancer at around 2012-2013 but never informed any one of us until early 2017 when she started experiencing pain on her left breast. After visiting a doctor for diagnosis we were informed that she is at stage 4 breast cancer and at that point there is nothing much that can be done medically but as a family these are words you do not accept.

From then on my mum, aunt and I became caregivers. I remember the first time I had to help her shower I saw a big wound on her breast that was pretty deep. At that point I realized cancer really eats you from inside. Each day she would experience a new symptom and eventually she found it difficult to get out of bed. One day she could not get out of bed, so she had to be in diapers and be bathed from bed.

Malindi District Hospital at the time had some hospice doctors from Canada that came home to advice us to comfort her lest her situation gets worse. About a month after this she got stroke and couldn’t talk and a week later she passed away. Seeing someone’s body literally deteriorate because of a disease is quite hard especially if it is a lived one. Six months after we lost my grandmother, my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

I still do not know what to feel about this so I put it at the back of my mind because coming to terms with this reality is a bit hard seeing, as I sort of know how it eventually ends. A few things that I have learnt is that it is pretty necessary to get regular cancer screening and try as much as you can to eat healthy foods and lead a healthy lifestyle. And if you have any cancer patients at home try as much as possible to make them comfortable, happy, and loved.

Khalid El-Kindiy

“I am a survivor of stage 2 cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma) and Alhamdulillah it didn’t go to a later stage. I had a small growth on my neck for roughly 6 months, and I didn’t know what it was. It didn’t hurt nor did I have fever or anything. In my mind it was nothing. So 1 day a very close friend of mine suggested I go to hospital just for a normal check up. So I did that. Blood checks and all, a few minutes later, BOOM! I got the biggest shock in my life. The results showing I had cancer! At that time I didn’t know what kind or what even cancer was. I was crying and sad and felt like everything had stopped for a while. I broke the news to my family and close friends and everyone was in disbelief. They kept me positive and assured me that I’ll overcome this.

Sadly, treating cancer in this country is very expensive and at that time we were short in finances. My family and friends did all they could to make sure I get treatment ASAP. The treatment was very painful and for 6 months I went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A lot of things changed. I lost almost 20kgs, I lost my hair, I was looking very skinny. I didn’t have appetite for food, it was tough. I kept my head up and always had in my mind that I would beat this. I stayed BRAVE . There was a lot of encouragement from everyone around me. This was in 2015. The last step was to do a PET Scan, to show the cancer cells have been destroyed. This wasn’t available in the country so I had to go to S.A and do the test. The results came back a week later and it was the best news ever. I BEAT Cancer! I thanked God, my family and friends for the support and hope that I would overcome this. 

A few months later we discovered that my Aunt had cancer as well. It was shocking because it caught everyone by surprise. She was looking fine and healthy until the results from her check up came through. This wasn’t the same as mine; hers had reached a further stage, stage 4. So she went to India for treatment and a week later we got the sad news she passed away. The saddest day in my life. She had stomach cancer. My Aunt was the best in many things, she treated me like one of her children, she went up and down for me to get the best treatment for my cancer. Little did we know she had cancer too.

I would say that, cancer can be caused by so many things, from what we eat to what we drink, and you can feel healthy, look healthy but deep inside there are cancer cells growing and growing. You can’t tell. For anyone out there battling cancer or knows someone fighting cancer, they should stay positive and brave, don’t go to the Internet reading about if it’s curable or not. The Internet has negative vibes. I would one day hope and pray that they find a cure for any sort of cancer, and not go through chemotherapy because chemotherapy flashes out the other blood cells. I would also wish there could be more facilities in our country to help those who can’t finance for treatment, because it is very expensive.”


“My younger sister Zeinab, got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer approximately 3 months back and she got really ill. She had just turned 21. Shockingly, it took her by storm as she passed away in less than 3 months after diagnosis. Cancer is scary and people need to take the awareness campaigns very seriously. You shouldn’t ignore any symptoms because sadly, we found out when it was too late. The only thing in my power right now is to pray for her as I know that death is the end of our life journey as human beings.”

Sending out all my love, care and support to all cancer victims, survivors and condolences to all those families who have lost their loved ones to cancer. I know what it is like to lose someone dear to you and challenges that come with treating the disease. May God protect us all.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Humpback Whale Watching In Watamu – Hemingways.

Welcome back Peaches. I’d like to break the ice from my long hiatus with an epic experience of watching the humpback whale migration.

Humpback  whales, ocean marine mammal giants usually migrate to the low-lying Coast of Kenya from the Antarctic between July and September to breed. The Coast of Kenya creates the right tropical climate needed by the expectant humpback whales females breeding in safe warm tropical waters. The giants get spotted in Diani, Watamu and off Wasini island. Luckily, I was in Watamu which offers the best views for the humpback whales migration at the Malindi-Watamu Marine National Reserve. Hands down, Watamu has one of the most beautiful pristine white beaches on the coastline of Kenya.

With that information before hand, I checked with Watamu tours and safaris companies to find one that offers whale watching excursions. Hemingways Watamu – the best luxury 5 star boutique beach hotel in Watamu with exquisite services and beach views – was hosting. They were offering 3 intervals of whale watching excursions per day. I booked for Saturday afternoon.

Punctually, I arrived at Hemingways hotel Watamu that Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. We were then teamed up with a group of both local and international tourists and were ushered to the luxurious speed boat, ready for our maritime adventure. The captain drove the speed boat several miles away to the deep sea at the humpback whales hideout where he slowed down to time their surfacing sprouts as we swooned the stunning view of the 360 degrees turquoise blue ocean.

There was a loud silence which came off intentional ‘not to scare off the humpback whales’ as though respecting the whales’ sensed presence, awaiting her grand appearance; Her Majesty! Tourists eyes were filled with curiosity with their binoculars, phones and cameras set, ready to watch and capture the best shots of the flamboyant humpback whales. Out of the blue, we heard a loud huffing sound and there it was! A humpback whale swimming to the water surface to breathe.


Oh.My.God! It was the most gigantic oceanic creature I’ve ever set my naked eyes on. Just standing there amazed by the flexibility of the majestic mammal diving in and out of the turquoise sea water got me frozen with chills like the statute of liberty. Amazing us with their acrobatic moves as they playfully slapped their tails on the water surface. Wow! Just wow! For the humpback whales, they casually come out to the water surface to breathe but for us it was a priceless live show!

Humpback Whales are as playful as dolphins which made it so hard to get a perfect shot. Sadly, wordpress does not support video uploads. But you can view the short video I posted of the humpback whale surfacing and diving, on my Instagram post .


Their impact on the water as they dived back in, left a massive water splash, almost like they could cause a tsunami if they wanted to. That’s how heavy they weigh – 30 tonnes!


You could clearly tell that humpback whales are definitely a valuable tourist attraction in Watamu by the excited faces of the tourists on deck. Everyone was mesmerized, exclaiming “Wow!” “Oh look!” “There!”  as the humpback whales played hard to get. I felt a thrilling feeling in me, in that, we were in the middle of the ocean and humpback whales were lurking, swimming casually under or around us until one majestically pops up out of nowhere.

After spotting 2 majestic humpback whales, the trip was over and the captain sailed us back to the hotel.

Honestly, that was more than enough for me. I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, a little too pricey for just an excursion without any sides – I’m talking about food ofcourse! But then again.. it’s Hemingways y’know!Regardless, the whale watching experience was out of this world.

Featured image photo credits: Conserve Wildlife

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the humpback whale migration, save it in your calendar so you get to watch it next year between July and September. Whale sharks are also expected to be seen sooner, around February or March to give you more options. Don’t miss out on this epic experience. Live a little!

Until next time Peaches.


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Candid Conversations – Women Empowerment

Primarkpants, Turban, Turbanista, Backyardshoez, Primarkpants, Floralpants

Hello Peaches, Happy New Month. January’s ‘drought’ had clearly drained me. I couldn’t afford to think. My new blog post is on the candid conversations event that I attended this Tuesday. It was an enlightening moment for me. I am grateful to my dear friend Ibtisam (Hijabeefied) for informing me about the candid conversations event which we attended together with Farhana Oberson (let’s empower each other, shall we?). Candid conversations is a woman exclusive event birthed by Patokelo with an aim to help women in Kenya build their businesses/ brands offering entrepreneurial ideas through raw, motivational, and inspirational conversations. A panel of phenomenal women being their authentic self, publicly sharing their personal stories inspiring and motivating women to get out of their comfort zones by harnessing the collective energy of women uplifting fellow women to achieve their goals and build their businesses/brands. The candid conversations was with social media experts: This is Ess, Sowairina, Connie Alluoch, Muthoni Njoba, The official Sonal Maherali, Craving Yellow, and many others. I felt honored to be in the same room with all these fierce women.

The event was scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Capital Club in Westlands. Upon arrival, we were directed to sign in the guest list form with our contact details and then ushered in for refreshments and for us to get an opportunity to network before the event commenced.

A few minutes later, we were called in for the candid conversations.

Renee Ngamau (Speaker, Capital FM Presenter, Life and Business Strategist) was the MC for the event. She warmly welcomed us with a short therapy session to keep us alert, guiding us through the marvelous event.

Patricia Okelo showcased her book – A candid handbook for women doing business. Her goal is not only to promote and enhance gender equality, but also career and business advancements among women in business in Kenya. The struggle usually comes where women run businesses or work yet socially recognized as nurturers of the home.

“Although we’re advancing in the workplace and in business, our role as nurturers doesn’t change.” Patricia Okelo.

Fundamentally, the book encourages women in businesses to be part of the economic growth of the country like men do, without neglecting their household roles; women are the integral part of the society. Moreover, addressing issues and challenges that women in business face. Giving us tips and entrepreneurial ideas on how to strategize our businesses/brands and monetizing our social media presence. It’s a brilliant initiative for women to pursue their palpable passion with full dedication.

“I always believe that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” Gloria Vanderbilt.

Sonal Maherali (luxury blogger) talked about her passion for luxury. Her main aspiration is to remove the Asian cultural stigma that puts women down instead of uplifting the girl child. She runs a luxury page on Instagram and YouTube and confesses her addiction to shoes (Shoe Queen). Listening to her bold fierce talks gives you confidence to go out there and pursue your dreams without anyone’s validation.

Sharon Mundia (This_is_Ess) is a Kenyan Lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber who’s come a long way to motivate and inspire young girls to join the blogging and influencer world which is currently growing in Kenya. I was in her candid conversations circle, therefore, I learnt a lot from her with regard to the lifestyle blogging tips. According to Sharon, it takes a lot of courage, hard work, dedication and passion to thrive in the blogging world as some of the challenges faced are harsh judgments, invasion of personal space, the anxiety of keeping up with brands, and losing yourself in the process. She advises young women out there to stand for what they believe in and reject any sort of business offers that do not align with their principles. It shouldn’t be about the money, but the brand’s ethics. We have to create a niche we are comfortable with, without feeling the need to conform ourselves to people’s expectations as every group has its audience. Most importantly, do not post content for the sake of being consistent but post only when you are most inspired. Truthfully, you can’t please everyone and that’s okay.

Furthermore, newer social media tools like paid sponsorships, promotional ads, live, and polls, give online brands a much easier platform for recognition and engagement with their followers online thus every brand should utilize them and maximize on their usage. Additionally, she encouraged us to learn to use the trendiest social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where majority of millennials gravitate toward because chances of getting recognition are higher than in an abandoned one with less users.

Muthoni Njoba is a Professional Make-Up Artist and YouTuber; The first Kenyan Make-Up Artist to be assigned as the lead Brand Ambassador of an International cosmetic brand Maybelline New York Kenya. I learnt from her inspirational conversation that you have to be ambitious and push forward till you achieve your goals. The road to success is not easy but giving up should not be an option; we have to grab the world by the lapels if we badly need success. She advises young women to start small businesses with little resources like how she started off as a self taught freelance makeup artist and slowly but gradually you’ll get there. More also, she advises young women to practice self love. Never victimize yourself in any situation or give into your insecurities. We need to build confidence in ourselves.

Connie Alluoch is an award winning fashion stylist in Kenya. Through her candid talk, she taught us that we have to find the right tactics for our businesses. That we should be aware of our business progress (stats, followers, sales, e.t.c.) and find ways to grow in a way that’ll attract and satisfy your target audience / followers / clients by developing approaches that are more responsive to their needs. Therefore, learn your audience, change your road-map in your business approach if your current one isn’t working, find solutions, and hone in the solutions over time.

Grace Sowairina is a fashionable media personality and Vivo Activewear Ambassador supporting single mothers like herself. Her inspirational conversation taught us the essence of being in touch with our spiritual self. She talked passionately about her love for vivo activewear which is a go-to store for chic, quality and affordable clothes & accessories. It’s majorly popular for offering tailor-fit stylish clothes that complement the modern African women of all sizes, courtesy of Wandia Gichuru; Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vivo Activewear.

Tabitha (Craving Yellow) – Natural hair Blogger and YouTuber – also took us through her natural hair journey promoting self love & care, persistence and patience.

The phenomenal women in the room showed a great deal of compassion to the rest of us who were new to the event hence nobody had the fear of being bludgeoned through their personal confidential candid talks inspiring women to thrive, and unleash the wonder woman in us.

We left with our goody bags filled with  amazing dried Mango fruit I couldn’t stop munching from Azuri, delicious chilli from Rizichiskitchen , and green tea from Stir Me Tea which i’m still yet to try.

In a nutshell, the candid conversations circle is a repository of women empowerment which offer young girls and women in business entrepreneurial insights and female role models to look up to; courtesy of Patricia Okelo. I left feeling more inspired and motivated than I have ever been. Also, because I met and engaged with my all time favorite blogger Sharon Mundia a.k.a This_is_Ess in the candid conversations circle. I feel like I can stop blogging now, ‘I made it’! Haha I kid. ♥️

Scarf: Fashion.buffet

Lippie: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Top: M&S

Pants: Primark

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Photo CreditsKimachianator

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