Humpback Whale Watching In Watamu – Hemingways.

Welcome back Peaches. I’d like to break the ice from my long hiatus with an epic experience of watching the humpback whale migration.

Humpback  whales, ocean marine mammal giants usually migrate to the low-lying Coast of Kenya from the Antarctic between July and September to breed. The Coast of Kenya creates the right tropical climate needed by the expectant humpback whales females breeding in safe warm tropical waters. The giants get spotted in Diani, Watamu and off Wasini island. Luckily, I was in Watamu which offers the best views for the humpback whales migration at the Malindi-Watamu Marine National Reserve. Hands down, Watamu has one of the most beautiful pristine white beaches on the coastline of Kenya.

With that information before hand, I checked with Watamu tours and safaris companies to find one that offers whale watching excursions. Hemingways Watamu – the best luxury 5 star boutique beach hotel in Watamu with exquisite services and beach views – was hosting. They were offering 3 intervals of whale watching excursions per day. I booked for Saturday afternoon.

Punctually, I arrived at Hemingways hotel Watamu that Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. We were then teamed up with a group of both local and international tourists and were ushered to the luxurious speed boat, ready for our maritime adventure. The captain drove the speed boat several miles away to the deep sea at the humpback whales hideout where he slowed down to time their surfacing sprouts as we swooned the stunning view of the 360 degrees turquoise blue ocean.

There was a loud silence which came off intentional ‘not to scare off the humpback whales’ as though respecting the whales’ sensed presence, awaiting her grand appearance; Her Majesty! Tourists eyes were filled with curiosity with their binoculars, phones and cameras set, ready to watch and capture the best shots of the flamboyant humpback whales. Out of the blue, we heard a loud huffing sound and there it was! A humpback whale swimming to the water surface to breathe.


Oh.My.God! It was the most gigantic oceanic creature I’ve ever set my naked eyes on. Just standing there amazed by the flexibility of the majestic mammal diving in and out of the turquoise sea water got me frozen with chills like the statute of liberty. Amazing us with their acrobatic moves as they playfully slapped their tails on the water surface. Wow! Just wow! For the humpback whales, they casually come out to the water surface to breathe but for us it was a priceless live show!

Humpback Whales are as playful as dolphins which made it so hard to get a perfect shot. Sadly, wordpress does not support video uploads. But you can view the short video I posted of the humpback whale surfacing and diving, on my Instagram post .


Their impact on the water as they dived back in, left a massive water splash, almost like they could cause a tsunami if they wanted to. That’s how heavy they weigh – 30 tonnes!


You could clearly tell that humpback whales are definitely a valuable tourist attraction in Watamu by the excited faces of the tourists on deck. Everyone was mesmerized, exclaiming “Wow!” “Oh look!” “There!”  as the humpback whales played hard to get. I felt a thrilling feeling in me, in that, we were in the middle of the ocean and humpback whales were lurking, swimming casually under or around us until one majestically pops up out of nowhere.

After spotting 2 majestic humpback whales, the trip was over and the captain sailed us back to the hotel.

Honestly, that was more than enough for me. I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, a little too pricey for just an excursion without any sides – I’m talking about food ofcourse! But then again.. it’s Hemingways y’know!Regardless, the whale watching experience was out of this world.

Featured image photo credits: Conserve Wildlife

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the humpback whale migration, save it in your calendar so you get to watch it next year between July and September. Whale sharks are also expected to be seen sooner, around February or March to give you more options. Don’t miss out on this epic experience. Live a little!

Until next time Peaches.


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Candid Conversations – Women Empowerment

Primarkpants, Turban, Turbanista, Backyardshoez, Primarkpants, Floralpants

Hello Peaches, Happy New Month. January’s ‘drought’ had clearly drained me. I couldn’t afford to think. My new blog post is on the candid conversations event that I attended this Tuesday. It was an enlightening moment for me. I am grateful to my dear friend Ibtisam (Hijabeefied) for informing me about the candid conversations event which we attended together with Farhana Oberson (let’s empower each other, shall we?). Candid conversations is a woman exclusive event birthed by Patokelo with an aim to help women in Kenya build their businesses/ brands offering entrepreneurial ideas through raw, motivational, and inspirational conversations. A panel of phenomenal women being their authentic self, publicly sharing their personal stories inspiring and motivating women to get out of their comfort zones by harnessing the collective energy of women uplifting fellow women to achieve their goals and build their businesses/brands. The candid conversations was with social media experts: This is Ess, Sowairina, Connie Alluoch, Muthoni Njoba, The official Sonal Maherali, Craving Yellow, and many others. I felt honored to be in the same room with all these fierce women.

The event was scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Capital Club in Westlands. Upon arrival, we were directed to sign in the guest list form with our contact details and then ushered in for refreshments and for us to get an opportunity to network before the event commenced.

A few minutes later, we were called in for the candid conversations.

Renee Ngamau (Speaker, Capital FM Presenter, Life and Business Strategist) was the MC for the event. She warmly welcomed us with a short therapy session to keep us alert, guiding us through the marvelous event.

Patricia Okelo showcased her book – A candid handbook for women doing business. Her goal is not only to promote and enhance gender equality, but also career and business advancements among women in business in Kenya. The struggle usually comes where women run businesses or work yet socially recognized as nurturers of the home.

“Although we’re advancing in the workplace and in business, our role as nurturers doesn’t change.” Patricia Okelo.

Fundamentally, the book encourages women in businesses to be part of the economic growth of the country like men do, without neglecting their household roles; women are the integral part of the society. Moreover, addressing issues and challenges that women in business face. Giving us tips and entrepreneurial ideas on how to strategize our businesses/brands and monetizing our social media presence. It’s a brilliant initiative for women to pursue their palpable passion with full dedication.

“I always believe that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.” Gloria Vanderbilt.

Sonal Maherali (luxury blogger) talked about her passion for luxury. Her main aspiration is to remove the Asian cultural stigma that puts women down instead of uplifting the girl child. She runs a luxury page on Instagram and YouTube and confesses her addiction to shoes (Shoe Queen). Listening to her bold fierce talks gives you confidence to go out there and pursue your dreams without anyone’s validation.

Sharon Mundia (This_is_Ess) is a Kenyan Lifestyle Blogger and YouTuber who’s come a long way to motivate and inspire young girls to join the blogging and influencer world which is currently growing in Kenya. I was in her candid conversations circle, therefore, I learnt a lot from her with regard to the lifestyle blogging tips. According to Sharon, it takes a lot of courage, hard work, dedication and passion to thrive in the blogging world as some of the challenges faced are harsh judgments, invasion of personal space, the anxiety of keeping up with brands, and losing yourself in the process. She advises young women out there to stand for what they believe in and reject any sort of business offers that do not align with their principles. It shouldn’t be about the money, but the brand’s ethics. We have to create a niche we are comfortable with, without feeling the need to conform ourselves to people’s expectations as every group has its audience. Most importantly, do not post content for the sake of being consistent but post only when you are most inspired. Truthfully, you can’t please everyone and that’s okay.

Furthermore, newer social media tools like paid sponsorships, promotional ads, live, and polls, give online brands a much easier platform for recognition and engagement with their followers online thus every brand should utilize them and maximize on their usage. Additionally, she encouraged us to learn to use the trendiest social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where majority of millennials gravitate toward because chances of getting recognition are higher than in an abandoned one with less users.

Muthoni Njoba is a Professional Make-Up Artist and YouTuber; The first Kenyan Make-Up Artist to be assigned as the lead Brand Ambassador of an International cosmetic brand Maybelline New York Kenya. I learnt from her inspirational conversation that you have to be ambitious and push forward till you achieve your goals. The road to success is not easy but giving up should not be an option; we have to grab the world by the lapels if we badly need success. She advises young women to start small businesses with little resources like how she started off as a self taught freelance makeup artist and slowly but gradually you’ll get there. More also, she advises young women to practice self love. Never victimize yourself in any situation or give into your insecurities. We need to build confidence in ourselves.

Connie Alluoch is an award winning fashion stylist in Kenya. Through her candid talk, she taught us that we have to find the right tactics for our businesses. That we should be aware of our business progress (stats, followers, sales, e.t.c.) and find ways to grow in a way that’ll attract and satisfy your target audience / followers / clients by developing approaches that are more responsive to their needs. Therefore, learn your audience, change your road-map in your business approach if your current one isn’t working, find solutions, and hone in the solutions over time.

Grace Sowairina is a fashionable media personality and Vivo Activewear Ambassador supporting single mothers like herself. Her inspirational conversation taught us the essence of being in touch with our spiritual self. She talked passionately about her love for vivo activewear which is a go-to store for chic, quality and affordable clothes & accessories. It’s majorly popular for offering tailor-fit stylish clothes that complement the modern African women of all sizes, courtesy of Wandia Gichuru; Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vivo Activewear.

Tabitha (Craving Yellow) – Natural hair Blogger and YouTuber – also took us through her natural hair journey promoting self love & care, persistence and patience.

The phenomenal women in the room showed a great deal of compassion to the rest of us who were new to the event hence nobody had the fear of being bludgeoned through their personal confidential candid talks inspiring women to thrive, and unleash the wonder woman in us.

We left with our goody bags filled with  amazing dried Mango fruit I couldn’t stop munching from Azuri, delicious chilli from Rizichiskitchen , and green tea from Stir Me Tea which i’m still yet to try.

In a nutshell, the candid conversations circle is a repository of women empowerment which offer young girls and women in business entrepreneurial insights and female role models to look up to; courtesy of Patricia Okelo. I left feeling more inspired and motivated than I have ever been. Also, because I met and engaged with my all time favorite blogger Sharon Mundia a.k.a This_is_Ess in the candid conversations circle. I feel like I can stop blogging now, ‘I made it’! Haha I kid. ♥️

Scarf: Fashion.buffet

Lippie: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Top: M&S

Pants: Primark

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Photo CreditsKimachianator

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Blogiquette – 7 Simple Blogging Manners To Adhere By (Well, I think so, anyway!)

Great Blogiquette tips. I concur with all except for the last one. Not entirely at least. It’s interesting reading each others’ posts just to ‘nudge’ a fellow blogger on that topic. Like a way of ‘conversing’/socializing through blog related posts. I get how it can get annoying though.

But I Smile Anyway...

It’s very easy to become a little self-absorbed when you first start a blog.

  • You want to write things that people like.
  • You want followers.
  • You want to be discovered.
  • You want loads of comments and shares, to prove popularity.

Sure, there are blogs that manage to achieve that kind of fame and notoriety… but it’s not easy.

We all have to start somewhere, and like most of you will have been taught from birth, good manners count for a lot. In life, we have that etiquette to follow. We know about out pleases and thank yous. Respecting others. showing compassion and humility.

It’s the same in the Blogosphere.

Except here you have Blogiquette to learn.

It’s not much different to what you do in real life, but obviously, it’s via the interweb, so you need a few tweaks!

You don’t want to be known as the pompous one who…

View original post 760 more words

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ZIPLINING! Young, Wild & Free!

Hello Peaches! Are you an adrenaline junkie like me? Do you like the thrill of the adrenaline rush? Well, Zip lining is for you. For the record, zip lining is the big adrenaline adventure to do right now out of Nairobi; an out of town adventure amidst nature at The Forest where you get to zip line on a 2,200 m cable above the Kereita forest gliding above the giant forest canopies.

My zip lining experience at The Forest was off the chain! The Forest is near Limuru in the Kereita Forest in Kimende. They are closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays. For a long time, I had been wanting to jump on the zip lining bandwagon but getting a group was the toughest challenge because I came to realize not every one of my friends is as adventurous and spontaneous as I am. Luckily, one of my very dear friends Ibtisam suggested ziplining as the next adventure plan. Like, hell yea! I was born READY for the long awaited adventure. As recommended, we booked a week early, paying a deposit of kshs. 1000 each to secure our slot. Did I mention that we were the last lucky group to get the last price of kshs. 2,500? The current price for the 6 zip lines is now Kshs. 2,800 this 2018.

In total, we were a group of 5. We all met at the Wilson Airport Shell station where we bought snacks and drinking water for the mini road trip whereas I had to buy an extra energy drink because insomnia had gotten the best of me the previous night.

Nonetheless, I love road trips if the driver is a smooth driver of which he was. It took us one hour and 15 minutes to arrive as opposed to the 45 minutes communicated as the left turn from Total Petrol station to The Forest is actually a good 15-20 minutes. Although the narrow road from that turn to The Forest is tarmacked, it has lots of potholes which slows you down a little. However, the road has sufficient board sign directions which makes it easier to find your way as you enjoy the view of the tall trees covered with lush mosses.

The ForestThe ForestThe Forest

Upon arrival, there was enough parking space since we were among the first people to get there. We walked out of the car with our water bottles following the sign board leading us to the building. We were first welcomed by a tiny horse ranch with four horses and bike trails which are among the activities list.

Bike trailThe Forest The Forest

The Forest building itself is spectacular with stunning art wall frames and quirky colorful kikoi ceilings. The restaurant is also beautiful with amazing view of the lush green forest. Without wasting time, we went straight to the paying counter to clear off our balance. Luckily, we had arrived at 10:30 a.m. which was half an hour early as we were to zip line at 11 a.m. Therefore, we had ample time for a brief training with our assigned instructors, John & Joseph. Two gentlemen from Tanzania joined us so we could be a group of 7. As instructed, we went to fill in the wavers at the little zip lining office outside as our instructors assisted each of us to fit our harnesses and gloves tightened to our comfort.


Since we were early, we got to do a 15 minutes quick training on a short and low zip line. Basically, your dominant hand should hold the clip firmly while the other hand holds the rope. You position your body in an upright sitting position with your legs crossed as you lean back. If you get stuck, you can do the monkey business whereby you turn and hold the zip line cable by turning, that was hilarious! Conversely, if you’re going too fast, the instructor on the receiving end will alert you by signaling you to slow down, so you’ll have to remove your dominant hand from the clip and hold the zip line to slow down to your destination for a smooth landing. Our instructors showed us practically on a small zip line explaining clearly safety-focused procedures. We all took turns doing the zip line warm up and we were now ready for the real deal.

Zip liningZip liningZip lining

As usual, I never go first due to ‘fear of the unknown’. So I took my time to let my team mates go first and when I ensured that they landed alive and safely, I was ready to go.

Zip lining

My heart was pounding as if it were a train on the tracks, my pulse quickened as did my breath while my fear of heights was trying to get the best of me but I tried ignoring it so as not to succumb to it. My hands were sweaty but thank God for the gloves I was certain for a firm grip. The zip line carry a maximum of 115 kgs so I was more on the safe side which was a little reassuring. The instructor clipped my harness to the zip line as I sat in our instructed position. ‘Don’t look down.. don’t look down’ I whispered. On the count of 3, I was pushed to slide screaming at the top of my lungs, thrilled, not believing that I was whizzing over the forest canopy.

Zip lining

The view was spectacular seeing cattles grazing on the lush green view of the grazing land. I felt the crispy mountain air taking over my whole body caressing me with the serenity of the lush green forest. Amazingly, I enjoyed the stunning scenic views of the Aberdares valleys and breathtaking landscapes. Overly ecstatic, I felt like Tarzan woohoo-ing all the way like I was made for this.

Zip lining

Still screaming, I was abruptly scared that I was speeding on landing hence slowing myself down without any instructions. My paranoia had gotten the best of me because I was so close to land so I had to do the monkey business. On landing on the wooden platform, I felt so rejuvenated. That’s when I realized that I was overreacting earlier and it was all in my head. That was actually a piece of cake. I envied the colobus monkeys for their amazing life enjoying this every day.

Psyched like never before, we hiked a few meters to the other 5 zip lines. Enjoying the tranquility nature walk, we hiked in between the walks and repelled down in others from one zip line to another. Donkeys and cows were peacefully grazing which was lovely to see.



Thankfully, I had worn my Nike sport shoes which had firm grip so I didn’t slide on the muddy land as some parts of the ground was wet and mucky. Not so fast though, I had to slow down as I started running out of breath. Clearly, I realized how unfit I was am. My heart was palpitating as I could hear it thudding with an alarming speed almost coming out of my chest. Nonetheless, I stopped to catch my breath as I drank water to stay hydrated and breathed in the fresh air while swooning into the Breathtaking view.

The Forest

The Forest

Finally, we got to the second zip line. I got it right the second time which made me so euphoric when my feet landed straight on the wooden platform that I almost fell backwards. I was over the moon. The rest was now a walk in the park. Tarzan had nothing on me! I would do it over and over again. The experience was Amazing!!!! Hilariously, one of our team members stepped on boggy cow dung and everyone was superstitiously like, “Oh someone’s going to be rich”. He was like ‘Shit! no man, not shit.’ ‘Well, you won’t be cursing when you start cashing in,’ I teased.

The Forest Ziplining

So thrilled, I felt super light and brand new. It was such a great feeling. Words are redundant to explain the thrill of the experience. We all made it to the 6th zip line safely with a bang!

Zip lining at The Forest

You could tell by the smiles on our faces that we enjoyed the ecstatic adventure; euphoria was in the air.

Zip lining at The Forest

The Forest Restaurant

However, we were fatigued for hunger pangs started attacking us. We thanked our instructors for the commendable job giving us the best experience and we immediately headed straight to the restaurant. They had a variety of meals and drinks menus with pocket-friendly prices. In essence, the options were: A La Carte, Indian Cuisine and Buffet. The buffet which costed kshs. 1000 looked more convenient as we wouldn’t have to wait to be served. Furthermore, there was a variety of delighting options and you could serve to your satisfaction. I served salad with season island sauce, kachumbari, coleslaw, veggies, barbecue chicken, and lamb which was made from the fresh produce of The Forest. The chicken, lamb and steak was being served by the chef straight from the grill while the naan bread was also being prepared and served freshly hot out of the oven. The food was surprisingly delicious as we enjoyed the amazing view of the super rich green Kereita forest. We finished off with fruit salad dessert. Lunching with that picturesque view was super relaxing.

By far, that was one of the best adventures I ever did. Needless to say, I was so sleepy that I couldn’t do any other activity so Ibtisam and the gang went for paint balling and archery while I was being a kill joy taking a nap in the car. Paint ballingTherefore, I vow to get enough sleep the next time I get to visit The Forest and go ham on all the activities and attractions it has to offer. Who’s with me?!

In a nutshell, my Zip lining experience was AMAZEBALLS!

Zip liningZip lining

Close enough? 😜💃🏽 Live|Love|Laugh

Bucket list checked ✔️

Safety Zip lining measures

DO IT IF.. you love nature, and have a thrill for adventure.

DON’T DO IT IF… you have alarming medical conditions like asthma or heart problems.

CARRY.. A small backpack for storing your phones, cameras and water bottle safely while zip lining.

Until next time Peaches.💃🏽

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Hello peaches! Welcome back to my blog. I had so much fun creating this blog post.2017 was an interesting year for fashion trends breakthrough as there were many experimental styles some of which were revamped 90s looks. However, with a new year welcomes new trends. Before we usher in the new fashion trends, let’s flash back some that made it to my favorite 2017 look book real quick shall we?


Party / Dinner Dresses

The Fringe Dress

This Fringe dress is where the party is at! According to Elle Magazine, 2018 issue, swishy fringe will be here to stay in 2018. I guess I didn’t go into any loss. Sigh!

The Bandage Dress

Since we are on the blue series, how about this blue sexy party bandage dress! My aunt is better than yours. Zuri  rocked it and it hugged her body perfectly. She always keeps it sexy and has the body for it. Her body is goals.

The off-shoulder bandage dress

It was my fav hence I wore it on my birthday.

The Lace dress


Kasturi always looking gorgeous. This Malaysian beauty also rocked her lace dress with so much elegance. Queening!

Off-shoulder Lace Dress

Peshy looked elegant in her offshoulder lace dress which makes it to my fav 2017 look. I met this beauty at Koroga Festival and her sense of style captivated my attention. She’s friendly and a sweetheart. Owner of Fashion Royals boutique; All things trendy! Explains her style.

Sequin Party Dress

Kasturi was at it again dazzling us with the sequin party dress. Sequins are my fav; they effortlessly give class. Moreover, Sequins are timeless and are here to stay, no?


Floral High Slit Maxi Dress

Miss gorgeous Michelle won with the floral maxi island girl summer dress look for 2017. I like the rich autumnal tones of the elusive rose prints which makes it a little unique from the usual overly cheerful-looking flower prints. The high 90s side slit gives it a sexy touch too. Pardon my manners, introductions first. She’s a sweetheart of a friend and an exquisite Food blogger


This two piece floral prints design by Peshy is also a fav look that is still currently trending.

The Fierce Turban Look

The turban-look trends in different styles each year and these two were my favorite of 2017.

Nafisa always looking fabulous in her sophisticated turban looks. The long sleeve lace top is well paired with the high low printed skirt and those heels complete the true meaning of class. Of lovely high school friends.


Farhana Girl! that jawline though. Fierce all the way. I like her style, simple, unique and sophisticated. She’s one of those friends I clicked with instantly I mean, she’s super sweet. By profession, she’s a Famous award winning Kenyan Youtuber sprinkling happiness and positivity all over.

The Ripped Denim Dress


My girl Some looked peng in her ripped denim dress. Everything ripped and cut trends every year. This was my favorite ripped denim look for 2017 other than the usual ripped denim jeans. It’s different, I like different.

The Bomber Jacket

Camo Bomber Jacket


Camo Bomber jacket takes the cake for my 2017 jackets trends. Natasha looked bomb in her super sized classic quilted camo bomber jacket paired perfectly with the pink nude dress and scarf. For more pictures of this fabulous outfit, visit the talented Photographer’s blog ItsSabrina Category: Bombshell.

Black Bomber Jacket


Koshi gave that tom boy swag a feminine touch making the look chic and stylish all the way from Malaysia.



This beautiful printed kimono has a lovely story behind it. Ibtisam made it trend tremendously by using inspo from the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to Sisterhood of the Traveling Kimono; Beautiful concept. She runs her modesty page Hijabeefied on instagram promoting modesty fashion and Tajified. Basically, she stylishly summarized the kimono and nude-dress trend for 2017.

The Kimono Abaya


Abayas serve as a great cover up. I liked how Michelle creatively styled hers as a kimono. Zahara darling, (if you know you know) this Abaya kimono with the pretty sleeve details looked beautiful on you. One advantageous fact about the black abaya is that it can never go out of style.

The Dapper Look

Gucci Logomania

Gauthier looked dapper in his enchanting Gucci designer street wear perfect for the party look. He’s an event organizer at SleepWalkerz always rocking logos from head to toe. Gucci always trends all day all year. It took the industry by the storm in 2017 and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Was it because of the Gucci Gang song? Must be!


Velvet made a breakthrough in 2017 after years of oblivion. This rich and luxe nude velvet shirt worn by Kenny all the way from Malaysia made it to my favorite look. He’s always looking stylish and his Instagram feed gives me life.

The Classic Man 

I present to you, the millennial classic man 2017 fav looks.

The White TuxedoHeritierwho is the director and founder of the SleepWalkerz, looked fine in the white tuxedo. Sleek white power suits does it for the night-look effortlessly standing out in the night. A touch of the wine red pocket tissue gave it sartorial elegance.

The Black Suit

This black suit Akil wore presents class from head to toe. The whole suit and tie affair does it for me. Also, I like how he matched the colors; bold and subtle. Effortless elegance and refined style.


The Suit and Sneakers Look

Habib Switched up the blue checked blue suit with the sneakers. Everything perfect and elegantly sartorial about this look. He’s a fashion designer hence successfully pulling off the bold look! It totally gave the work & play vibes.

The Sexy Wraparound cut skirt

This skirt worn by Mimi has such a fabulous cut. She’s a Tanzanian music artist who’s always looking glamorous. Furthermore, the trainers and skirt look will never go out of style because millennials are out here looking for comfort and not pain.


Off-Shoulder Denim Top & Fringe Jeans

Off-shoulder tops with the Peek-a-boo detail was my favorite trend of 2017. Buttoning the denim jacket to fit off my shoulders looked pretty cool just getting creative with outfits. Like, it’s never that serious. I mean, anything that looks deconstructed looks trendy. These fringe jeans were my fav too. Also, anything Denim is here to stay.

The Savvy One shoulder Ruffled Sleeve Top

Loved these 80s inspired puff sleeves top which trended immensely in 2017. Statement sleeves are a new way to give your outfit a chic and stylish look. I’m talking ruffles and riffles, bell tops and the likes.

The Oxford Shirt

The It Brit’s pinstriped stripes look trended giving quirky vibes. I liked this top because the stitched fishnet strap made it look a little unique. Paired with the beige vans which I’m taking with this 2018. (My current favorite).



Shakilla looking jolly in one of my favorite high-waist pants style bringing in retro vibes. She has a twin by the way, scroll down and tell me if you can differentiate the two.

Palazzo Pants

These tropical floral printed palazzo pants I wore in Lamu were my favorite. They better not phase out.


The Gucci Belt


Sabrina is always slaying in her Instagram pictures. This gorgeous mama’s Gucci belt is my all time fav. It enchantingly complements the outfit in the chicest way.


The Pearl Choker

Shameem  a dear friend and former Miss World Kenya 2012, rocked her pearl choker stunningly. Apparently, Pearls are going to be a big hit in 2018. Pearls, like diamonds are forever. ‘Millennials prefer simple, chic, classy looks’

The rhinestone Choker

I liked how eventful this choker is. It somehow boosts your look if you feel it’s too basic. Moreover, chokers aren’t going away in 2018. ~ Elle Magazine.

The Maasai Choker

These two beautiful twins Shakilla & Nabilla looked stunning in their Maasai choker. I like how this picture radiates good vibes.

Tassel Earrings

By far my favorite trendy earrings for 2017. It’ll be sad to see this trend go but I’ll definitely keep them because trends never really die.

Red Tassle Earrings


This has to be my favorite red tassel earrings by this stunner babe Salma she’s always slaying them trends.

I loved the black tassel earrings so much that I wished I bought all colors. Shop: H&Mimg_4059-1

Also, loved how Lubna rocked her handmade yellow tassel earrings from KPG Statement Fashion

Ray Bans

This frame is still my current favorite. It gives a bold and fierce statement.

Love it even better in brown. Teizeen eyy Tumblr girl. Can I borrow these forever? *wink*

Rhinestone Sunnies


Loved how Some and Karina rocked their rhinestone sunnies at the London Eye. What’s interesting about them is that this Texas sweetheart Karina made both of them from scratch (DIY). I wish we had more time to make mine too.


The Famous Winged Eye-liner

I cannot go a day without ‘winging it’. The eyeliner is pretty addictive. This eyeliner perfection by Savannah is every girl’s goals. She’s a makeup artist based in Dubai and I have to admit, her make up art is very unique.

The sunset beach look by Savannah is also my favorite eyeshadow look. It’s very exquisite and alluring.

Fenty Beauty Red Matte Lippy

The long wear liquid lip paint trend’s getting to replace all others. Aliya wore this lippy: Stunna, perfectly and I can’t wait to get a hold of mine. She showcases her make up skills in her beauty Instagram page Imakeuplikethis. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is the IT make up brand right now. Can someone please surprise me with all the products? I’ll be the happiest.



AmarahFashion slays her make up and has her own make up brand. This has got to be ‘my’ safest look of all time. This look is here to stay as it can never go wrong. I like to keep it simple as i’m not that experimental with makeup. Maybe this 2018.

The Highlighter

If you can’t spot it from a distance, did you even wear a highlighter?

Q: What was with the squiggly 2017 eyebrow trend though? Issa No from me!

I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their pictures for this post. You are all amazing.

What were some of your favorite 2017 trends and which looks do you think will die or trend in 2018? Comment down below.

“There’s definitely a long list of trends that’ll be out of the door in 2018 and at the top of that list are chokers, furry slides, patches, and just about anything with pompoms or tassels.” fromappletooorange Amanda Brooke.

Chunky accessories are on their way out.

“What I see going out of style is pain.” Joan Oloff, Podiatrist and Luxury foot designer.

With that said, you could check the links below for some of the top trends that should be on your radar this 2018.

Trends that will thrive in 2018

Trends that need to die in 2018

Fashion trends that’ll be big in 2018 by Elle Magazine.

2018 pinterest fashion lookbook by Irish Examiner

See you next time peaches. With Love, Byba.


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2018 is that you?

It’s refreshing to start a new year with resolutions. Setting goals has never gone out of style. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a desire to improve on yourself. It’s good because you acknowledge that you are not perfect. However, don’t be too hard on yourself when making these resolutions. Make it as realistic as possible. Change takes time and when you try too hard, you lose control of your life’s steering wheel thanks to anxiety. Relax, take a deep breath and take life in small doses because too much of anything is poisonous.

As for me, 2017 has been the best and worst year of my life. The best because I finally got to graduate after years of hard work and bloody tears. Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy road for me. Since I do not like to air out my dirty laundry in public, I’m not going to mention my Ls. By that I mean counting my blessings and not my troubles. When I look back I realize just how much I’ve achieved Alhamdulillah and grown mentally as a person. I’ve mastered the art of calmness during a storm, patience, and understanding. 2017 has taught me so many lessons and through that I’d like to inspire others to always stay positive, have strong faith in God’s plans and trust the process. I have learnt that what is for you will never miss you. We have to be ready for disappointments understanding that not everything will work out our way.

  • God’s timing. This year has taught me that I need to learn to trust God in the hustle and bustle of our frenzied life. You are being molded into the woman/man you will be in the near future, all you need is a little faith and trust in the process. We cannot determine what God has already predetermined. I believe that the trials thrown at us are used to test our trust and patience in order to gain strength in endurance and steadfastness. Many people want change but do not want to go through the waiting process. Everything will work out in the right moment perfectly. Always say In-shaa-Allah.
  • Find yourself. Take time alone to figure yourself out, your hobbies, what makes you happy and make a silver lining out of it; soul searching. Hardships are there to mold and strengthen us. Not everybody will like you and that’s okay. You will get misunderstood a lot by people. Your genuine actions might be misinterpreted and you cannot go throwing stones at every dog that barks at you.
  • Never hold grudges. I’m always the type of person who forgives easily. But it takes many knives stabbed behind your back to the point you feel numb. I grew a thick skin this year almost feeling invincible hence forgiving easily because nothing really phases me anymore.
  • Set your boundaries. Never let people use you or drag you down to their level. I had a terrible moment this year where I realized that I have self control and that I’d never bring myself to someone’s level no matter how provoked I am. Also, you do not have to justify yourself to people who already have set their minds to misunderstand you. Help where you can and set your boundaries. That way they’ll lower you to the point of being their doormat. If you are not appreciated for the things you do don’t bend till you break for people. If they don’t appreciate the little things you do then odds are nor will bringing the moon to them.
  • Never ever settle for less. Sometimes life pushes us to the point that we get ‘desperate’. Know your worth. Resist! To be honest you are far much better off on your own than being around people who constantly drain you and never add value into your life.
  • When depressed, PRAY! Prayer is the best solution. Meditate through prayers. It keeps you grounded. Patience is not how long you can wait but how well you will behave while waiting. Walk by faith not by sight.
  •  Health is wealth. Appreciate the little things in life.Everyday you wake up alive and healthy is a blessing. I learnt this lesson the hard way when I lost my sister 2 years ago and all I could think of is trying to save her from the illness. I wasn’t thinking of giving her materialistic things but love and my presence.
  • Prioritize. By this I mean if you have bills to pay, do so before you blow your money on irrelevant stuff. This applies to all the things you value around you. Sometimes we take family for granted but those are your people and I’m not talking about relatives. If anything, they’ll never give you credit for even the slightest achievement you make. I learnt this the hard way, but never take it to heart. We are all wired differently and once you learn that, you will never be vengeful.
  • Love yourself. Treat yourself and take care of your mental health. Love your imperfections, skin tone, hair, looks and body. Moisturize, exercise, drink water and stay healthy.
  • Invest in yourself.  The bitter truth is, you are entirely on your own. Be independent. Do not get too attached either. One of the best advices I’d like to give is that never be dependent on anyone or anything . Not your family, friends, lover nor your job (I’m sort of a loner so it’s easier for me). Most importantly, always have a contingency plan for rainy days; side hustles and savings. Expectations terribly lead to disappointments which mentally destroys you. Just focus on your goals, stay in your lane and never play the blame game on anyone. Matter of factly, life is becoming tougher by the day hence everyone trying hard to save themselves and be their own heroes. Be your own hero.
  • Travel. Explore the globe, travel to new places. It doesn’t have to be international or expensive, even locally/ backpacking; it really changes your perspective about the world and enhances your creativity.
  • Educate yourself. Read as many books/ articles each year and research widely on burning issues. Teach yourself new words/ things online, DIYs, e.t.c. Just learn something new everyday.
  • Silence is golden. There are some people who are so shady and just try to provoke you by getting petty af. IGNORE, avoid, Observe and listen more, talk less. Give deaf ears to gossip and grapevines. Yes, some people can hate on you so bad and just find a way to drag your name through the mud feeding off of your downfall. As long as you know yourself and your truth, just ignore such sadists and just live your life. Because if hate doesn’t work, they’ll start spreading lies. My only concern is that I wish they could spend that energy in focusing on getting their life together than constantly trying to ‘perfect’ others’.
  • Give without expectations. Give with one heart and never expect anything in return nor brag about it. It leaves no room for disappointments, hence peace of mind.
  • Stay Kind. Kill your ‘enemies’ with kindness. Smile more and practice Courteous words more often. Never be bias with your kindness. Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO as kindness knows no bias because you never know who you will need someday.
  • Trust your gut/intuition. Believe in the patterns. Don’t allow yourself to get burnt by the same flame twice.
  • Be yourself unapologetically. We should stop changing ourselves to please others for validation, or stripping off our dignity to fit in. Also, never accept ‘constructive criticism’ from people who haven’t constructed anything.
  • Stay low key. Do not prematurely announce your plans because not everyone has your best interest at heart. I learnt this the hard way too. Unbelievable!
  • STAY WOKE. Observe your surroundings and protect your space. Playing dumb works wonders sometimes. Watch your back and play your cards well.
  • Be picky with your friends and spouse. Also, support them in their businesses. Candles light up each other without dimming their own light. So be a candle in people’s lives. Let’s all empower each other shall we?
  • Network. Take the initiative to meet and interact with new people especially of shared interests. Pride will never take you anywhere. No man is an island we need each other to grow in every aspect of our lives.
  • It’s okay to have a good cry. Do not let the world desensitize you. Depression is real; talk your problems out to the right people (Seek help when you need it). Find solutions rather than constantly whining. Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.
  • Leave toxic relationships. Whether it’s a relative, friendship, lover or job. Basically anyone that steals your joy and peace of mind; mental health is of the essence. If love is no longer served, leave the table. Know your worth and respect yourself enough to leave. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.
  • Stay focused on your goals. Consistency is key. Be hardworking and stay optimistic. Be your own competition ( better than you were yesterday). When the going gets tough the tough gets going.
  • Never live in the past. Do not cry over spilled milk nor water dead plants. Give yourself closure by accepting all the apologies you never got and move on. Never ever make the mistake of putting your life on hold for anyone. Trust me, it’s never worth your time and energy.
  • STAY CLASSY. Never lower your standards for anyone. I’ve always strongly believed that what is for you will never pass you. You don’t have to go out of your way or lower your standards for it. Have strong faith and trust the process.
  • Love conquers all. Spread positivity wherever you go. Do not let the world change your smile but change the world with your smile!

It’s safe to say that all the above 2017 life lessons have made me more mature, solid & well-grounded Alhamdulillah. It made me value life more, humbled me in every way possible and I thank Allah for enlightening and molding me into the strong woman I am today. I hope sharing these can make a difference in someone’s life and help with your new year resolutions in one way or the other, I really do!

I am going into 2018 with a bucket full of optimism. Fully armed ready to face any challenges praying that I’ll make it out alive. 2018 I’m ready for you. Hit me with your best shot.

ΗΑρρÝ Νêω Ýéãℜ ℘ëäçhë§


Facebeat: Madora Kenya

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WATAMU! Dolphins, Snorkeling, Cruising, Island hopping and Sea food!

Hi peaches, welcome back to my blog. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays wherever you are. If you are in coast, you should treat yourself to the amazing Watamu island before the year ends. Watamu is one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the Northern coastline of Kenya; approximately 2 hours drive from Mombasa. It had been one of my go to destinations for a long while because of its highly praised beauty which lured me into  exploring it. Just by the name Watamu meaning SWEET in Swahili Language, it can seduce you to want to have a taste of it. That, I strongly concur!


As usual, I make impromptu plans. It gives me pleasure to be spontaneous because at that moment I feel free like a bird emancipated from anyone’s dominance. It gives me joy living life on my own terms with no one to control me. That right there is pleasure and I would never wish anyone to take that freedom away from me. I pray that my soulmate is as spontaneous as me. Fair enough right?

Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are ~ John McLaughlin

 Okay enough about me and more about Watamu now shall we? I was psyched for Watamu that morning, I met Azym  who is a very good friend of mine for about 7 years now, oh wow! It has been long actually. He introduced me to the Coast Camping Tours & Safaris group members Kim  and Hussein whom I met that day for the Watamu day excursion tour. Check out their pages with one click that’ll lead you directly to them as they are the right tour company to book with for the Watamu day excursion full package charging kshs. 4,500 per head. A day excursion trip at the sea with them starts early in the morning. First activity in the morning is dolphins viewing, followed by snorkeling, lunch and a boat ride back.

We drove to Watamu for 2 hours from Mombasa all the way down to Ocean sport resort which has a shop for all swimming gear that you could buy from, however, I’d advice you to carry your own swim suits to save costs since coast camping got you covered with the snorkeling equipment. I was fascinated by the sparkling white clean sandy beach and blue aquamarine water. Based on the empty shoreline, the tide was low making it easier for us to walk further into the sea boarding in one double decker pontoon speed boat which we had other tourists in too. It was such a tranquilizing experience chilling on the upper deck sunbathing in the beaming sun enjoying the smooth cruise with an Italian family. Their daughter was sweet and charming. Thankfully, I had my hat and sunscreen protecting me from the scorching sun.


We cruised towards the deep waters to have a clear view of the dolphins. It was my first time to see these magnificent aquatic mammals with my naked eyes jumping in and out of the sea water with their playfulness. That was exciting to watch. I wish I could swim with them like Azym but my phobia of deep waters wouldn’t allow me to. Blame it on the Hollywood Shark movies that I so love to watch (guilty pleasure).

They disappeared as we couldn’t see them anymore. I changed into my swimsuit as we dived into the water for snorkeling, drifting over the vast coral reef of Watamu. Initially, we were doing the casual snorkeling putting our heads on the water surface viewing the marine life and coral reef scenery while breathing through the h20 mask pipe. That did not seem fun so we opted swimming to slightly deeper waters and dived in. I find swimming therapeutic. We swam for a good one hour  taking underwater snap shots swimming with the fish playing Finding Nemo. We found both Nemo and Dory, separately of course, they must’ve lost each other again. It was so beautiful under water with a whorl of zebra fish that kept dispersing when they sensed us which made the view so amazing. Among the beautiful marine life was star fish, royal blue tang fish (Dory) and clown fish (Nemo),  darting through the swirling fingers of ornately colored sea anemones and all beautiful variety of fish that makes up the little coral reef city.

The vibrant and colorful corals though are beautiful to look at but very coarse. I had a few bruises knocking myself into them trying to walk on them in the shallow waters but I had to keep swimming till where the boat stopped not to hurt myself further and also not to destroy the corals. Swimming in shallow waters is harder also because everything underwater appears larger when wearing the snorkeling mask. Some may not be as stable as they look, some slimy like the anemones which can be stingy; it’s a very tricky situation to be in. To achieve buoyancy, I was using smaller kicks and trying to balance myself  so as not to crash into a coral.

Sea anemone fan fact: Call me childish or whatever but I actually take animations quite seriously since they’re based on true life. You know while watching Finding Nemo, I realized that the clown fish were staying in the flamboyant anemones and since they’re deemed to be poisonous, I had to do a little research to find logic in that (yes, I like to make sense out of everything). An article by national geographic on Sea anemone states that they actually have a symbiotic relationship with the clown fish so they live in their tentacles (okay..), produce a mucus layer which makes them immune to their poison and protects them from predators – how special! Pretty interesting don’t you think?

After being gratified of all that underwater coral reef city eye candy, it felt like I just made new friends and was sorta sad saying goodbye to my new marine buddies. From ‘mermaid’ to now back on my feet, we walked to our boat as we embarked, speeding to the Sudi Island where lunch was supposed to be served. It was a long boat ride about an hour or more all I remember is that I was hella famished. Upon arrival on the equally beautiful island, we alighted and prodded straight to the mainland where everyone from different boats and travel tours groups gathered for lunch. We sat at the long wooden benches with a big sigh. The chefs were grilling fresh sea food: fish, shrimps, lobsters and prawns. As I watched the sea food grilling, I was ready to go all ‘fear factor on it but my lady gracefulness came in the way welcoming my patience virtue to take control of my hunger pangs. Finally, food was ready for us to dig in with rice, delicious potato curry, calamari sauce, salad and seasonal fruits downing it with soft drinks and loads of water.

My body sorely needed a massage treat. We chilled for a while lingering for the food to digest and cruised back to Watamu island.

The ride back was relaxing and rejuvenating thanks to the soothing sea breeze. That was a fun and adventurous little day excursion that I’d recommend you all for your vacation. Needless to say, it was ineffably amazing seeing dolphins for the first time. Next on my bucket list is to swim with them! Let’s do it!

Enjoy Watamu Peaches! Happy holidays!

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