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Hello peaches! Welcome back to my blog. I had so much fun creating this blog post.2017 was an interesting year for fashion trends breakthrough as there were many experimental styles some of which were revamped 90s looks. However, with a new year welcomes new trends. Before we usher in the new fashion trends, let’s flash back some that made it to my favorite 2017 look book real quick shall we?


Party / Dinner Dresses

The Fringe Dress

This Fringe dress is where the party is at! According to Elle Magazine, 2018 issue, swishy fringe will be here to stay in 2018. I guess I didn’t go into any loss. Sigh!

The Bandage Dress

Since we are on the blue series, how about this blue sexy party bandage dress! My aunt is better than yours. Zuri  rocked it and it hugged her body perfectly. She always keeps it sexy and has the body for it. Her body is goals.

The off-shoulder bandage dress

It was my fav hence I wore it on my birthday.

The Lace dress


Kasturi always looking gorgeous. This Malaysian beauty also rocked her lace dress with so much elegance. Queening!

Off-shoulder Lace Dress

Peshy looked elegant in her offshoulder lace dress which makes it to my fav 2017 look. I met this beauty at Koroga Festival and her sense of style captivated my attention. She’s friendly and a sweetheart. Owner of Fashion Royals boutique; All things trendy! Explains her style.

Sequin Party Dress

Kasturi was at it again dazzling us with the sequin party dress. Sequins are my fav; they effortlessly give class. Moreover, Sequins are timeless and are here to stay, no?


Floral High Slit Maxi Dress

Miss gorgeous Michelle won with the floral maxi island girl summer dress look for 2017. I like the rich autumnal tones of the elusive rose prints which makes it a little unique from the usual overly cheerful-looking flower prints. The high 90s side slit gives it a sexy touch too. Pardon my manners, introductions first. She’s a sweetheart of a friend and an exquisite Food blogger


This two piece floral prints design by Peshy is also a fav look that is still currently trending.

The Fierce Turban Look

The turban-look trends in different styles each year and these two were my favorite of 2017.

Nafisa always looking fabulous in her sophisticated turban looks. The long sleeve lace top is well paired with the high low printed skirt and those heels complete the true meaning of class. Of lovely high school friends.


Farhana Girl! that jawline though. Fierce all the way. I like her style, simple, unique and sophisticated. She’s one of those friends I clicked with instantly I mean, she’s super sweet. By profession, she’s a Famous award winning Kenyan Youtuber sprinkling happiness and positivity all over.

The Ripped Denim Dress


My girl Some looked peng in her ripped denim dress. Everything ripped and cut trends every year. This was my favorite ripped denim look for 2017 other than the usual ripped denim jeans. It’s different, I like different.

The Bomber Jacket

Camo Bomber Jacket


Camo Bomber jacket takes the cake for my 2017 jackets trends. Natasha looked bomb in her super sized classic quilted camo bomber jacket paired perfectly with the pink nude dress and scarf. For more pictures of this fabulous outfit, visit the talented Photographer’s blog ItsSabrina Category: Bombshell.

Black Bomber Jacket


Koshi gave that tom boy swag a feminine touch making the look chic and stylish all the way from Malaysia.



This beautiful printed kimono has a lovely story behind it. Ibtisam made it trend tremendously by using inspo from the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to Sisterhood of the Traveling Kimono; Beautiful concept. She runs her modesty page Hijabeefied on instagram promoting modesty fashion and Tajified. Basically, she stylishly summarized the kimono and nude-dress trend for 2017.

The Kimono Abaya


Abayas serve as a great cover up. I liked how Michelle creatively styled hers as a kimono. Zahara darling, (if you know you know) this Abaya kimono with the pretty sleeve details looked beautiful on you. One advantageous fact about the black abaya is that it can never go out of style.

The Dapper Look

Gucci Logomania

Gauthier looked dapper in his enchanting Gucci designer street wear perfect for the party look. He’s an event organizer at SleepWalkerz always rocking logos from head to toe. Gucci always trends all day all year. It took the industry by the storm in 2017 and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Was it because of the Gucci Gang song? Must be!


Velvet made a breakthrough in 2017 after years of oblivion. This rich and luxe nude velvet shirt worn by Kenny all the way from Malaysia made it to my favorite look. He’s always looking stylish and his Instagram feed gives me life.

The Classic Man 

I present to you, the millennial classic man 2017 fav looks.

The White TuxedoHeritierwho is the director and founder of the SleepWalkerz, looked fine in the white tuxedo. Sleek white power suits does it for the night-look effortlessly standing out in the night. A touch of the wine red pocket tissue gave it sartorial elegance.

The Black Suit

This black suit Akil wore presents class from head to toe. The whole suit and tie affair does it for me. Also, I like how he matched the colors; bold and subtle. Effortless elegance and refined style.


The Suit and Sneakers Look

Habib Switched up the blue checked blue suit with the sneakers. Everything perfect and elegantly sartorial about this look. He’s a fashion designer hence successfully pulling off the bold look! It totally gave the work & play vibes.

The Sexy Wraparound cut skirt

This skirt worn by Mimi has such a fabulous cut. She’s a Tanzanian music artist who’s always looking glamorous. Furthermore, the trainers and skirt look will never go out of style because millennials are out here looking for comfort and not pain.


Off-Shoulder Denim Top & Fringe Jeans

Off-shoulder tops with the Peek-a-boo detail was my favorite trend of 2017. Buttoning the denim jacket to fit off my shoulders looked pretty cool just getting creative with outfits. Like, it’s never that serious. I mean, anything that looks deconstructed looks trendy. These fringe jeans were my fav too. Also, anything Denim is here to stay.

The Savvy One shoulder Ruffled Sleeve Top

Loved these 80s inspired puff sleeves top which trended immensely in 2017. Statement sleeves are a new way to give your outfit a chic and stylish look. I’m talking ruffles and riffles, bell tops and the likes.

The Oxford Shirt

The It Brit’s pinstriped stripes look trended giving quirky vibes. I liked this top because the stitched fishnet strap made it look a little unique. Paired with the beige vans which I’m taking with this 2018. (My current favorite).



Shakilla looking jolly in one of my favorite high-waist pants style bringing in retro vibes. She has a twin by the way, scroll down and tell me if you can differentiate the two.

Palazzo Pants

These tropical floral printed palazzo pants I wore in Lamu were my favorite. They better not phase out.


The Gucci Belt


Sabrina is always slaying in her Instagram pictures. This gorgeous mama’s Gucci belt is my all time fav. It enchantingly complements the outfit in the chicest way.


The Pearl Choker

Shameem  a dear friend and former Miss World Kenya 2012, rocked her pearl choker stunningly. Apparently, Pearls are going to be a big hit in 2018. Pearls, like diamonds are forever. ‘Millennials prefer simple, chic, classy looks’

The rhinestone Choker

I liked how eventful this choker is. It somehow boosts your look if you feel it’s too basic. Moreover, chokers aren’t going away in 2018. ~ Elle Magazine.

The Maasai Choker

These two beautiful twins Shakilla & Nabilla looked stunning in their Maasai choker. I like how this picture radiates good vibes.

Tassel Earrings

By far my favorite trendy earrings for 2017. It’ll be sad to see this trend go but I’ll definitely keep them because trends never really die.

Red Tassle Earrings


This has to be my favorite red tassel earrings by this stunner babe Salma she’s always slaying them trends.

I loved the black tassel earrings so much that I wished I bought all colors. Shop: H&Mimg_4059-1

Also, loved how Lubna rocked her handmade yellow tassel earrings from KPG Statement Fashion

Ray Bans

This frame is still my current favorite. It gives a bold and fierce statement.

Love it even better in brown. Teizeen eyy Tumblr girl. Can I borrow these forever? *wink*

Rhinestone Sunnies


Loved how Some and Karina rocked their rhinestone sunnies at the London Eye. What’s interesting about them is that this Texas sweetheart Karina made both of them from scratch (DIY). I wish we had more time to make mine too.


The Famous Winged Eye-liner

I cannot go a day without ‘winging it’. The eyeliner is pretty addictive. This eyeliner perfection by Savannah is every girl’s goals. She’s a makeup artist based in Dubai and I have to admit, her make up art is very unique.

The sunset beach look by Savannah is also my favorite eyeshadow look. It’s very exquisite and alluring.

Fenty Beauty Red Matte Lippy

The long wear liquid lip paint trend’s getting to replace all others. Aliya wore this lippy: Stunna, perfectly and I can’t wait to get a hold of mine. She showcases her make up skills in her beauty Instagram page Imakeuplikethis. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is the IT make up brand right now. Can someone please surprise me with all the products? I’ll be the happiest.



AmarahFashion slays her make up and has her own make up brand. This has got to be ‘my’ safest look of all time. This look is here to stay as it can never go wrong. I like to keep it simple as i’m not that experimental with makeup. Maybe this 2018.

The Highlighter

If you can’t spot it from a distance, did you even wear a highlighter?

Q: What was with the squiggly 2017 eyebrow trend though? Issa No from me!

I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their pictures for this post. You are all amazing.

What were some of your favorite 2017 trends and which looks do you think will die or trend in 2018? Comment down below.

“There’s definitely a long list of trends that’ll be out of the door in 2018 and at the top of that list are chokers, furry slides, patches, and just about anything with pompoms or tassels.” fromappletooorange Amanda Brooke.

Chunky accessories are on their way out.

“What I see going out of style is pain.” Joan Oloff, Podiatrist and Luxury foot designer.

With that said, you could check the links below for some of the top trends that should be on your radar this 2018.

Trends that will thrive in 2018

Trends that need to die in 2018

Fashion trends that’ll be big in 2018 by Elle Magazine.

2018 pinterest fashion lookbook by Irish Examiner

See you next time peaches. With Love, Byba.


Fun Things To Do In Lamu

Lamu island is for a fact an extremely beautiful tropical island; Situated in Kenya’s Northern coast line. Lamu Old Town is entitled as a UNESCO world heritage site and listed in the World Heritage List as the oldest & best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Not only is the island alluring but also lively and full of activities that will leave you revitalized. My stay in Lamu was amazing; I was ineffably fascinated by the beauty and zest that the island possesses. Let me play tour guide a little with a few tips of fun things to do in Lamu according to my experience if you ever decide to visit during your December holiday or any other vacation.

  1. Tour around: Lamu has these narrow streets which make you feel like you’re a part of the island. Also, the island is an artists enclave filled with handmade artistic pieces (which you could buy as souvenirs), antique furniture and ornate doors that showcase its distinctive traditional Swahili architecture and art. To me, it was soul food to my eyes..
  2. Water sports – rent a speed boat for water sports activities. Donut ride, wakeboard, tubing, water skiing, surf boarding, snorkeling, you name it. Waterskiing was hard but I managed to at least stand after so many failed attempts. Nonetheless, learning is so much fun.
  3. Snacking – you cannot go to Lamu and not have a taste of the yummy Swahili delicacies made by the locals sold on the Lamu streets. My favorite was the delicious fried potatoes (ziazi) which us Costerians like a lot & makopa(labania). These are the real deal!
  4. Bonfire with friends: I took the right decision to sacrifice my night’s sleep for a lit bonfire night at the Diamond beach with friends. Enjoyed it with BBQ seafood of course and good music. Carry your swim suits for a night swim at the calm beach waters. Also, don’t forget your portable speakers and marshmallows to spice it up. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the exotic Lamu at night.
  5. Saildhow Adventure. Take a whole day voyage through the island and enjoy the view of the Lamu archipelago and stunning beach resorts vastly, as the lateen sail dhows ply the waters. Most importantly, you get to devour BBQ seafood at the boat and swim whenever you feel like it. Trust me, it’s a worthwhile adventure.I’d advice you to get a waterproof camera for some nice underwater shots with the beautiful fish swimming in and out of coral reefs.
  6. Take a walk at the beach. Enjoy a stroll at the beach – especially in Shela – for some beach therapy, all the way to the Lamu fort which is on the sea front of Shela so you won’t miss it. However, ensure that you have with you your sunglasses, hats and beach sandals in that beaming sun. Sunscreen though, is the most essential of all; Keep your skin hydrated and protected from the UV rays of the sun. Do not damage your skin at the expense of enjoyment – yep! Lesson learnt the hard way.
  7. Sunrise & sunset watching. It is so relaxing and rejuvenating to watch the sun rise early in the morning and the sunset in the evening. The day in lamu starts really early though, so if you’re up for it then by 6:00 a.m. you should be at the beach. Conversely, the sun sets around 6:00 pm so make sure you don’t miss it. Best believe, the best sunset view is from the Majlis resort.
  8. Ride a donkey: Lamu island is a donkey sanctuary as there are no motorized vehicles so they use Donkeys as a dominant means of transport. Try being adventurous by riding a donkey. You know what they say, “if you go to Rome do what the Romans do.” Although I have to break it down to you that the donkeys are a pain in the wrong places and extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know how they do it on the daily because it wasn’t the best of rides that’s for sure. However, do it.
  9. Lunch at Diamond Beach hotel. What better way to eat than by the beach; Lunching with a view. The red snapper and potato wedges meal I had was yummilicious. The food is delicious and it will leave you sleepy with that lovely breeze from the sea. There’s something about the breeze in Lamu that just gets you feeling as though the sea wants to lull you; Relaxation to the max.
  10. Dinner at Peponi Hotel – I loved the romantic ambience that the hotel radiates with beautiful lanterns, erotic lights and exquisite food that will leave you filled to the brim. I had the Thai fish curry and it was orgasmic. Thank me later!Peponi restaurant during the day
  11. Chill at the Majlis Resort. The majlis resort is one of the most beautiful luxurious hotels in the island complemented with tall coconut trees. If you haven’t already, I’d advice you to visit while in Lamu, even if it’s to just have a scoop of ice cream or a bottle of ice cold water. You’ll get the best views of the sunset from there too.
  12. A boat ride to Kipungani beach. The beach is an enchanting paradise with a sense of serenity. The brilliant sand is clean with crystal clear sea water that has absolutely not a single heap of sea weed washed to the shore, just sparkly gold sand. It is decorated by the eden-green palm trees that are lined in serried rows bowing down to the majestic sea complementing the beach. You can imagine how greatly I enjoyed swimming in aquamarine waters.
  13. Take bomb pics (metaphorically, just incase you quote me). Make sure you take some bomb shots pairing it with a bomb outfit in the streets, beaches, basically anywhere in the island is suitable for a good picture. Trust me, you don’t even have to try too hard to get a Perfect shot in Lamu. If anything, your pictures will leave you mind blown by the natural filter that comes with the flawless island.

That’s all Peaches.

Enjoy the exotic experience in Lamu; hashtag Lamu tamu (Sweet Lamu).LIVE| LOVE| LAUGH

Sunnies & hat @forevertrendy

Bag @primark

Sandals @primark

Tropical palazzo pants @signature_thebrand

Photo Credits: bybapeaches.com ~ iPhone 6S photography.

Lamu Cultural Festival 2017

Hello there Peaches. Allow me to share with you my experience of the 17th annual Lamu Cultural Festival which was scheduled on the dates 16th November – 19th November; Thursday – Sunday.

The 16th November this year marked the 17th year that Lamu cultural festival has been celebrated in Lamu since its inception in August2001 by the county Government of Lamu. The cultural festival showcases Swahili culture, promote tourism and withhold its socio-cultural identity as “The island of festivals.” The festival has a theme each year and this year’s theme was “Amani na maridhiano” which means “Peace and coexistence” following the current political instability in the country.

I have always desired to attend the Lamu cultural festival and for some weird reason I kept missing it. Maybe I didn’t want to as bad as I did this year simply because I needed to mellow out and break the monotony of the hustle and bustle of the city for the therapeutic ocean. Nonetheless, it was going to be my first time ever to step foot in the beautiful island hence the excitement. The flights flying to Lamu are skyward, fly540 & SAX. So I booked my flight with fly540 in advance and the White House guest house in Shela through booking.com at an amazingly good price – well, Kshs. 2,500 @ night. It took me 1&1/2 hours to arrive in lamu including a transit of 10 minutes in Malindi. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, I missed out on the poetic and musical activities, football tournament, donkey & swimming races which happened on Thursday and Friday. Luckily though, I made it for the extraordinary Jahazi dhow race on Saturday which marks the dhow-building heritage of the sea-faring community of Lamu.

On my arrival, I was welcomed with beautiful smiles from all corners and ushered to the boat deck. I was astonished to see uber boats, speed boats and all sorts of boats anchored as a means of transport. The passenger boat suited my preference because the more the merrier.

The little boat trip from the Manda airport to lamu island took us approximately 15 minutes. You could tell it’s a festival day in Lamu by the festive decors on the streets, Swahili food bazaars, international and local tourists walking around, and the amount of people packed like sardines bumping into donkeys who were all over the place.

The people in Lamu are so kind and accommodating. Their Swahili is a little different due to their Bajuni culture. For instance; Viazi = ziazi = potatoes. There’s a funny popular bajun saying “Ambacha ukucha punda uyao” = tegemea ukuta punda yuaja = lean on the wall the donkey’s coming.

I took a speed boat to my guest house in Shela so that I could freshen up. The White Castle-like line up of hotels view at my destination was stunning to watch; almost like a mini Greece. Conveniently, my guest house was a 2-minute walk from the beach. I checked into the quirky decored White house and freshened up in my room so I could leave for the cultural Jahazi dhow race as I couldn’t wait.

Rushedly, I boarded the boat back to Lamu for the Jahazi dhow race. That’s when I met Farhana the famous Kenyan vlogger. She’s a total sweetheart; beautiful both in and out. She was accommodating enough to welcome me to their speed boat ready to follow the dhow race in the sea which commenced at exactly 2:30 p.m. They call them Kasa aka dhow. To be honest, I couldn’t fathom who was leading because it was a little confusing since there was no mark to signify any route but then i got the hang of it later on when people were cheering for the leading dhow. Needless to say, I would advise that they should consider introducing a commentator for the future dhow races so as to keep everyone in the loop and more entertained.

The sea was full of all kinds of boats and it was amazing to see both International and local tourists in their colorful boats which had different flags, also, engraved in unique names as though showcasing their art that matched the boats’ ‘personalities’. People started cheering for the winner and everyone in their boats was celebrating by speeding past others, splashing sea water while dancing and singing. It was a total magical sight of euphoria which is very contagious so to say. We all cheered on exuberantly enjoying the sea-carnival party which went on till sunset for sundowners, which made the glistening sea-water brighter while the sea-song of the waves rippling gently soothed me, diverting me from the hurly-burly and stresses of life.

Guess who was in the island for the festival too? Yes, you got it. Our very own Sultan; Hon. Hassan Joho, the Governor of Mombasa county in his flamboyant boat. Everyone was joyous to see him as they gathered around his boat for a selfie of which he did not hesitate by virtue of his humbleness. He helps to uplift so many youth’s lives and just radiates cool positive vibes for a governor, hence the reason as to why he’s a man of the people.

The prize-giving ceremony was on the same day held at an open ground in Lamu where a mass of people paraded anxiously waiting for the prize winners to be announced by the judges. The deputy Governor of Lamu amongst other government officials handed the prizes to the respected winners. The crowd was exuberant celebrating in harmony, waving flags in honor of the winners. The prizes were in golden cups – sizes depending on the winners positions, in that, the bigger the champion the bigger the cup – money and air tickets sponsored by SAX, skyward, KPA & KAA to mention a few.

The celebrations of victory were so real and loud. The supporters were wild and carefree, roaring with pride cheering their winners.

Far more singular was a private women exclusive event which commenced right after the closing prize-giving ceremony of the cultural festival event. Unfortunately, recording was banned so I couldn’t get to snap pictures out of respect to say the least. The Lamu women showcased the Swahili traditional dance culture which was the Pokomo dance; these women’s bodies were full on vibrate mode shaking every part of their joints. The dances were accompanied with poems, heena art drawings, drama scenes and Swahili bridal display of the Swahili bride in colorful make up and sparkly wedding gown. Women representatives and Gov. officials gave a closing speech of wisdom to mark the end of the event.

Later, Offside Trick – a Tanzanian musical artist group – was performing on stage accompanied by a lady wearing a piece of kanga as a skirt and a loosely fitted top, whining her pelvic girdle and belly dancing to the rhythm of the music sang by the two artists. She entertained the men of course who were drooling with lust and cheering to her dances. However, she got the wrath of the conservative women in the island as that was ironically culture shock to them and taboo for a lady. But then again, women whining and belly dancing is actually part of Swahili culture so I didn’t really get what the fuss was about really. Do not get me wrong though, culture and religion do not mix and that’s where the confusion is. The little voice in my head commented, “Dear critics, if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, you know what to do.

We were exhausted at that point so we had dinner and took a boat back to the White House in shela as I prodded wearily through the sand to my room.

In a nutshell, Lamu has shown the world the essence of oneness & unity and taking pride in one’s culture which ensures the longevity of the festival.

The Magnificent London Eye

Hello Peaches! I hope you are all fab and keeping warm. Come to think of it, I should have started my blog sooner. So many travel and life experiences I’d love to share with you all, guess I’ll just do a throwback of my favorite places any Thursday I’ll be free to post; Hashtag throw back Thursday. Let’s throw it back to the magnificent London Eye shall we?

The London Eye is 443 feet located on the south bank of London. Situated right across the Thames from the palace of Westminster, Whitehall and Downing street. Trust me, it’s magical to look at and from.

Among the magnificent landmarks of London, it was finally off my bucket-list. It was 20th of July; Summer, a few days before leaving the United Kingdom that I decided to visit the famous London Eye. I was ecstatic although I had to tour alone. My friend had to link up with a relative in Canary Wharf but she had promised to take me on her way there since I was adamant about going. We took the train of course. First of all, we didn’t alight at the right station – the right station should have been Waterloo Underground Train station which is literally a 5 minutes-walk to the London Eye – I came to find out on my way out, because the London Eye train station definitely wasn’t it. Reason being, we had to walk for a good 30 minutes in that scorching sun just to get to the London eye. Luckily on our way, we found a bus stop and took a bus that finally got us to the London eye in like 5 minutes.

The first thing I saw at the entrance was a bronze sculpture of the former President of South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela, mounted on a small plinth paying tribute to the world renowned revolutionary for his efforts to demolish apartheid in South Africa. That was very impressive to see.

However, time was not on our side hence we didn’t do much of exploring, but went straight to the London eye although I remember this hotel which had such strikingly beautiful ceilings.

Coming out, I saw these cheerful kids playing in the dancing fountain, as always, kids win my attention. It was so lovely seeing them happy, which is the kind of happy I’d like to be 24/7. Oh, how being a kid is blissful! Take me back somebody!

​Afterwards, I walked to the booking office. Wax lady American Actress and Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, in her stunning silk red-carpet dress, welcomed me and of course I couldn’t resist a picture with her. I mean, even as a wax figure she’s that attractive, I can’t imagine meeting her in body and flesh. Damn Jolie! She’s goals!

Okay, done obsessing now back to the paying part. I walked to queue in for the tickets and on reaching the counter, this fine gentleman showed me a brochure of all the attractions inside that I would have loved to experience. As much as I wanted to, I had to politely cut him short to pay for the London-eye ticket because they were about to close (although it is more advisable to book online). I quickly paid for my ticket and was ready to board. That queue was so long that I didn’t think I’d get in anytime soon! But I was patient enough to withstand it and got into the capsule which by the way, doesn’t really stop but just slows down. Rushedly, I entered and sat with lovely strangers.

I came to learn a few interesting facts about the London eye while in the capsule that day. Firstly, the capsules on the London eye are numbered 1 to 33 superstitiously for good luck as no. 13 is weirdly missing. Also, the London eye can carry 800 people each rotation: 25 people per capsule which is comparable to 11 London red double decker buses. Last but not least, the 32 capsules on the London eye are representative of the 32 London boroughs.

I was just enjoying the breathtaking view of London’s famous landmarks in the world’s tallest giant cantilevered observation wheel. We were soaring through the urban sky line at a leisurely pace of 26cm per second which is twice as fast as a tortoise sprinting. The self-stabilizing powered capsules were so comfortable to move around freely. The complete revolution took us 30 minutes that at some point, I couldn’t wait to get off because I was becoming restless. Notwithstanding my shift in mood, I mentally cheered myself up so as to swoon into the moment and gaze at the alluring city as if time had stopped for the wonderful city to unveil its face that smiled at us and inspire us with bewilderment and rhapsody. Everyone in the capsule was euphoric, in awe of the marvelous jaw dropping view, as though they couldn’t believe their naked eyes. As they were taking pics, I noticed that my phone battery was draining so I managed to take one picture and decided to just enjoy the amazing 360-view of the beauteous city of London – 40 KM in all directions stretching to Windsor castle. The dominating of the skyline view though was Big Ben, the eye-catching Gherkin Building, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

On alighting the capsule, I felt like I could tour all I wanted since I had achieved my goal for the day. But then I remembered that I had to do dinner with my friends so I didn’t have much time. Just as I was about to take selfies before my phone died, these youngsters decided to photo bomb. “How rude,” I thought. But then they looked like they were just young boys having fun so I thought not to be a kill-joy by not minding that selfie. They were chuckling and nudging each other then came close to me teasingly asking me, “Are you Rihanna’s sister?” LOL I burst out laughing and that peaches, was the highlight of my day! So they were literally following me like lost puppies waiting for another selfie to bomb into but I put my phone away. Somehow, I wasn’t with it because of my paranoia and they mysteriously dissapeard.

While touring, this stranger came up to me and asked me where I was from just to strike up a conversation I guess, and if I consented to being assisted with taking pictures with my phone. Weirdly, I didn’t refuse, I mean who wouldn’t want pics taken next to the London eye! And Big Ben!

The Comedian Mr. Bean theme was somehow trending that day. I couldn’t really fathom the reason behind it but maybe it was part of the entertainment I guess, because I passed one man who almost nailed it as Mr. Bean; if you squinted a little. He was part of the attraction and cashing in too mate.

On my way out, those boys again! One of them wore a Mr. Bean mask. It was so hilarious. They were a fun lot I wouldn’t disagree because they made passers-by laugh and that itself is a blessing.

Called it a day and rushed to the Waterloo Underground Train station that I had sighted which was just literally outside the main exit of the London eye. Basically, I felt like we played ourselves walking that long earlier  but relieved too since I was so exhausted but it was totally worth it.

In a nutshell, it was so surreal. Words are redundant to describe how just being on that gigantic wheel felt. The London Eye puts the whole city into perspective; an epiphany of the globe as a whole, eliciting admiration for God’s Mightiness. Even though my stay was not long enough to vastly tour the United Kingdom, the London Eye gave me gratification that I had a glance of it all, the city and the countryside beyond. ☺️


Hello Peaches!



Hello Peaches! My name is Habiba but you can call me Byba. I just turned 25! My birthday was on 17th October -last Tuesday – and it turned out Fabulous! 25 is sort of a huge deal to me so I decided to go ham on it. I normally don’t throw parties nor dinners for any of my birthdays because I wait to be surprised or just end up doing something random like go out with my friends. Needless to say, I can be frugal and a little passive aggressive so I normally don’t bother much. But for once in my life, I decided to do something memorable for my 25th birthday; Hashtag Treat yourself! I randomly chose Dusitd2 Nairobi Soko restaurant as the venue for my birthday dinner and made a list of a few close friends in Nairobi to celebrate with. A handful didn’t turn up but the special ones who did made it A1! ♥️


I had my red bandage dress ready and black stilettos. Hanako did my make up of which I totally loved the simple look.


You guys should see the look on my friends’ face when they saw the dinner table all decorated with confetti filled balloons, Gold helium filled letter balloons and crowns on the table. The set up was absolutely beautiful. I’m glad I came across DopePartyke on Instagram for my birthday decor.

‘There’s a photographer too? Habiba what’s going on?’ One of my friends asked. I could see all of them filled with curiosity. Plot twist! I ended up surprising them instead! Yes, I was a little extra inviting Tintseh the photographer and he did not disappoint! My pics came out amazing and flawless!


The food was exquisite, however, a little too gourmet for ‘some of us’ who are not that adventurous. It was a great idea to pre-order a starters meal for everyone because the food takes forever to be served. On the starters menu though, I liked the humus and ceaser salad. To be honest, I did not enjoy the squid of which was a lot mhhhh. On the main meal menu, I ordered seafood fettuccine which tasted okay then. I was overwhelmed I guess but I took it as take out and had it for lunch at work the following day and it was Oh so damn good!

The dessert was my birthday cake of course!  By the way, you get charged Kshs. 1,500 for exclusive birthday cakes at Dusitd2 Nairobi Soko restaurant. My birthday chocolate cake was so pretty and it matched the taste and the lips n crown toppings from DopePartyKe fit so perfectly! Thankfully, Shazila did a spectacular job. Just how I wanted it to be (Like it was on Pinterest, lol). I’ll drop her contacts if anyone is interested.


Guess what l wished for?
So I’m that legit social butterfly who does not have one particular squad but different friends with totally different personalities. It was also a good thing to see them mingle. I was a little sceptical on how awkward it would be but to my surprise, everyone got along pretty well in that short amount of time we spent together as it was filled with so much fun, joy and laughter!

Oh and selfies! Lots and lots of selfies!

I was all sorts of happy. It was LEGENDARY! Thanks to everyone who made it amazing! I love you all. ♥️


Mantra: Live… Love.. laugh! To 25!🎉